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Print Puzzle - "Switching Arms" by AVXWords on 12/31/2018
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1- "Baroness von Sketch Show" network; 4- Revealed; 9- Alternative to tomato sauce; 14- Female rabbit; 15- It's really just a vehicle for eating Nutella, imo; 16- Superior alternative to lambskin; 17- Rose at the beginning?; 18- Very polite gobbler?; 20- Certain identity concealers; 22- Look after a lab, perhaps; 23- Skipper, for one; 24- Very; 25- 20%, often; 27- Ghost that haunts the coasts of Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi?; 31- CSS and JavaScript may spruce it up; 32- Airport abbr.; 33- Lean; 34- Fashion designer Johnson; 36- What stringent tariffs can cause, and what 18- and 57-Across and 27- and 46-Across each do, as pairs; 38- One who might hook you up with good contacts, for short; 41- ___ fever (was ill); 42- Comfy attire, briefly; 45- Comfy attire, briefly; 46- Live online video of Pope Francis?; 49- Cry heard at an "aha!" moment; 50- "I'm gonna have to step ___ game ..."; 51- Something often seen at the top of a window; 52- Military cut (that my grandfather gave my uncle on family picture day; my grandmother never forgave him) purportedly named because it made one's head look like a butt; 54- Winter Olympic sport at which Nigeria debuted in 2018; 57- What you might get if you insult the waitstaff?; 59- Net relative; 60- "A Confederacy of Dunces" author; 61- 10%, often; 62- Opposition; 63- Ed of "Up"; 64- Fabulous writer; 65- Gave change to, as a parking meter;
1- One might open an office door; 2- Pop up behind the catcher, perhaps; 3- Fa├žade part; 4- Secretly includes on an email, for short; 5- Grammy winner India; 6- New England soccer team, for short; 7- ___Pen (allergy sufferer's need); 8- Programming language surprisingly not invented by Oracle; 9- It's not a planet -- get over it; 10- They have cavities; 11- Birthplace of singer Joan Armatrading; 12- Green reservation; 13- Name in acne cream; 19- Nuclear agreements; 21- Gordon Shumway's nickname; 24- One who may change bedpans; 26- Sheet in the bathroom; 28- Houston ballplayer, for short; 29- Certain summer fruit dessert; 30- Like Sen. Angus King of Maine; 31- Washington ___ (NYC neighborhood); 35- Latin 101 word; 36- You might get them by rushing: Abbr.; 37- Extremely, informally; 38- Like a teenager who is definitely not goth; 39- Some chocolate drinks; 40- Tier; 42- Strip; 43- Norma McCorvey, in a Supreme Court case; 44- Got messed up, as makeup; 47- Dangerous code to break; 48- Apt. parts; 50- Racer Al, or Al Jr., or a bunch of other ones; 53- Off for the week, as a football team; 54- Computational units; 55- 2x4, in Mexico; 56- [Censored]; 57- El runner; 58- Battle;