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Print Puzzle - "Themeless #2" by AVXWords on 12/24/2018
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1- Marvel villain with the birth name N'Jadaka; 11- Word before "closed," or after "open and shut"; 15- Introduction to one's opinion; 16- Actress Moreno who was on "The Electric Company"; 17- Publication that might be distributed by email; 18- "When ___ Your Man" (sadboi Bruno Mars song); 19- Actress Graham of "The Vampire Diaries"; 20- Performance for an improv group; 21- Current measure; 23- Far from adventurous; 26- What Germany has that Gabon doesn't; 28- Needing bed rest, maybe; 29- "You goobered something up, computer user ..."; 31- Overflow; 32- Theme of a sob story; 33- First name on the cover of the memoir "Come, Tell Me How You Live"; 35- Person who knows 100 digits of pi, probably; 36- Bouncer's request; 40- Bris, e.g.; 41- "Don't waste any time, infomercial viewer!"; 42- Music center?; 43- Kiss classic; 45- They're recruited by agencies; 48- Descriptor of my dorm room at any given moment; 49- Journalist Joseph who was the subject of the Broadway play "The Columnist"; 51- Sources of endangered furniture wood; 53- Yom Kippur's month; 55- Nail; 57- "Oh, my stars!"; 58- "The ___" (nickname for ESPN 8, in "Dodgeball"); 59- Ceremonial garb in school colors; 63- Horse-drawn carriage sound; 64- Bygone skating variety show; 65- Civil War reenactor's hat; 66- Spoke cattily, as it were;
1- "Lola" band, with "the"; 2- Use one's noodle, more formally; 3- Cigarette ad claim; 4- Abbr. in a birth announcement; 5- Sideshow ___ ("Simpsons" character); 6- Cheers that might mean "Don't get gored!"; 7- Casual evenings?; 8- Action movie line spoken by Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer; 9- One day, to the next; 10- Take a star from, say; 11- Gang member in blue; 12- Artist with the piece "Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn"; 13- Marvel space hero with the birth name Peter Quill; 14- Ready, as a canvas; 22- Vegas Strip letters; 24- Heated; 25- "Isle of ___" (2018 film); 27- Eat more than well; 30- Parties who might shut down dorm parties: Abbr.; 34- Calves drink from them; 35- Post-transformation self-description; 36- Format satirized by many a Clickhole piece; 37- Certain modern home-operated "store"; 38- Place bordering Lake Superior, for short; 39- Brand namechecked in the Notorious B.I.G.'s "Big Poppa" and Queen's "Killer Queen"; 40- Fill up after selling out; 43- Where 36-Across is often said; 44- Trigger; 46- The Yellow Crane Tower in China, e.g.; 47- Untrustworthy, as data; 50- "See ya ..."; 52- "Stop Making ___"; 54- Southwestern tribe; 56- Make like a beaver; 60- "I'm so frustrated, and I'm German!"; 61- MLB "twin killings"; 62- "I'm so frustrated!";