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Print Puzzle - "Hounded at Work" by AVXWords on 12/17/2018
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1- Placed things; 5- Texas Revolution site; 10- Forest clumps; 14- Mystical presence; 15- Seltzer brand with a bear logo; 16- Landgrabbing tsar; 17- Sprinting shoe, or the name of a 65-Across for railroad workers?; 19- Cyberpunk author Stephenson; 20- Blowout; 21- Global prefix; 22- Humanities partner; 23- Increased; 24- United Kingdom flag, or the name of a 65-Across for labor rights advocates?; 26- Apple platform; 27- Hang; 29- Org. with pat-downs; 30- "___-Raq" (2015 film); 31- Festooned, in a way, on Halloween; 33- Debt-collection protection letters; 35- Tag out?; 37- Supply chain, or the name of a 65-Across for people in cubicles?; 41- Japanese confection; 44- Pizza shop owner played by Danny Aiello in "Do the Right Thing"; 45- Fall farmers' market purchases; 49- Subject (with Lennon) of the documentary "Above Us Only Sky"; 50- Lucy with a voice in the "Kung Fu Panda" films; 53- Dub music precursor; 55- Woman, in dated parlance; 56- FM ad, or the name of a 65-Across for ham operators?; 59- Final model made by 70-Across; 61- City where Mitt Romney held his 2018 primary election-night party; 62- Belief system; 63- Walk with a spring; 64- Red Sox manager Alex; 65- Calming presence in the workplace; 67- Blondie drummer Burke; 68- Mover and shaker; 69- Civil rights scholar and activist Guinier; 70- Brand that went defunct in 2004, casually; 71- Les ___-Unis; 72- Alphabet book phrase;
1- Noted DC costume; 2- Ace of Base genre; 3- Plod along; 4- Stravinsky's "Le ___ du printemps"; 5- Basilica area; 6- Hack (off); 7- Create a coalition (with); 8- Get famous; 9- Breakfast cereal with creme coating; 10- Nicki in a beef with Cardi B; 11- Be a ham; 12- Noted ad agency name with a double vowel; 13- "Wayne's World," e.g.; 18- Maker of slip-ons; 24- Fruit originally hybridized in Jamaica; 25- Grandma, familiarly; 28- 1980s sitcom that ended with an unresolved cliffhanger; 32- "Simpsons" coinage; 34- RN's measures; 36- Medicated face wash maker; 38- Dough used in Greek food; 39- Cardinal direction not yet used in the name of any of Kanye's kin; 40- Icon with more than 1,000 sts., aves., and rds. named for him; 41- Place to eat tagine; 42- Hot; 43- Emergency signal; 46- Meeting handouts; 47- Major figure in early wireless technology; 48- Liqueur that tastes like plum; 51- "Am I responsible?"; 52- End result; 54- Discount car insurance org.; 57- Adhan orators; 58- Certain Swiss watch; 60- Clapton song with a cool riff but not cool enough to be in every single damn movie about tough men (I'm looking at you Scorsese and Tarantino); 63- BFFs; 66- Same old, same old;