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Print Puzzle - "Best1" by Nic Pursey on 6/24/2007
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1- Pirates, fog and sea combine to mark a life-changing incident (4,2,7); 10- Strip a master of his gown, perhaps (7); 11- Green fruit (7); 12- Scold buried in church (5); 13- Such a task doesn't warrant one to express so much gratitude (9); 14- Rubbish journey to England (5); 16- Embarrased about deficit being capped and put right! (9); 18- Horseman reportedly, is secure with money-box (5,4); 19- Report back right away - he's a drunkard (5); 20- Hear Lear's out of practice (9); 23- Face mask (5); 24- Summed up and bound over everyone (7); 25- Lilting song with tin drum accompaniment (7); 26- Chinese plant and irrigate tree (5,8);
2- I get enrolled in Spring, prompting me to higher things (9); 3- Call up ringleader expelled from remove (5); 4- Collection of vessels (5); 5- Cane 21 corrupted in fall (9); 6- It shows that shopkeeper's got something in reserve (5-4); 7- A model of elegance ... (5); 8- ... the woman's after teaching film (9,4); 9- Indian scooter's rebuilt with some thought (13); 15- "Hand over accessory" said the French to the English (9); 16- Emotional piece after Gershwin? (9); 17- I'm on time for upper class composition (not part of 20) (9); 21- Sweet Henry seen with Victoria and Albert (5); 22- Entice leader of company inside with money (5); 23- Queue for the perfect piece of tenderloin (5);