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Print Puzzle - "Rockett Man 1" by Dean Rockett on 11/26/2005
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1- Land in the wardrobe of C.S. Lewis; 5- German-born scientist; 9- White ecclesiastical garment; 10- Edible shellfish; 11- Complains, stomach pains; 12- Destiny; 13- Crucial assessment; 16- Hit, perhaps by lightning; 17- Rupture of muscle tissue; 19- Lovingly, gently; 21- Stare at; 22- Capital of Denmark; 25- Strikes with an open hand; 26- Performs a reconstruction; 27- Urged on, filled with ideas; 28- Sycophantic advisor;
2- Treat badly; 3- Landlocked Himalayan kingdom; 4- Make life-like; 5- Range of view; 6- Greek goddess of retribution; 7- Military unit, often with only one objective; 8- Exactly the same; 14- Man of the cloth; 15- Metaphorical hat worn by a fool; 18- Imputer of guilt; 19- Became narrower; 20- Convent; 23- Gather; 24- More, actor without lines;