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Print Puzzle - "002 from Snacky" by Allen Vaughan on 4/25/2018
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1- Spooner's tacky song: "Sit Back in This" (4,5); 6- Unfeeling, turns to ice inside (5); 9- I'm consumed with IT copy (7); 10- Evaluate one following me? Certainly! (7); 11- Old newspaperman has plot taken out (9); 12- Traffic mess that is over after short time (3-2); 13- Girl with nothing to gain related to currency (8); 14- Change direction, with urging (6); 17- Dad's attempt to make a pie (6); 19- Small spear for piercing (8); 22- Are chauvinists without limits? (5); 24- Humiliation in a low place (9); 26- Always set out for the highest goal (7); 27- Confused garnet with one other stone (7); 28- It might be nutty to misrepresent the facts (5); 29- Diploma obtained from churchmen, in part (9);
1- Banish to old island in the Seine (5); 2- Taken with starter of soup, something warm (7); 3- Symbol of integrity (9); 4- One preceding to erupt in confusion on opening (8); 5- Extreme dysfunction has a cure (6); 6- Beginning to jump (5); 7- Lavish work you provided to the audience (7); 8- Rotgut whiskey, or one below the belt, perhaps (5,4); 13- Pale flame design as a national symbol (5,4); 15- He was hit with first developing cover-up (9); 16- Good man, Texan perhaps; you don't know him (8); 18- Post includes gratuity payment (7); 20- Recluse here initially discarded a very small amount (7); 21- Friend returning with lid for computer (6); 23- Recurring melody within the melody (5); 25- Handle endless pact (5);