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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s (8)" by Bill Hunter on 6/18/2007
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1- alas and...; 6- Wayne's 'True' cowboy; 10- opp. subtracts; 14- raw fish; 15- Mr. Montalban, for short(maybe); 16- 70s word for 'the lowdown', inside scoop; 17- Ms. Weaver's Sci-Fi nemesis; 18- 'Ding-Dong', we're(I'm) calling...; 19- can do; 20- walk it at the end of a sword; 21- number of electrons in the 9th element, F; 22- largest cultivated crop in the world; 23- fries are to burger, slaw is to fried fish; 25- Peel's dapper partner; 26- almost a whistle, attention-getter; 30- Green Giant's little pal; 32- Detroit's staple; 33- 2nd host of "Tonight Show"; 34- candle without a flame; 39- close to, in proximity; 41- with a nickel, these pianos are self-playing; 42- Mr. Kovacs; 43- 'Avengers' Emma; 46- killer 'dolphin'; 47- excused from execution, pardoned; 48- not far; 49- Tonto's 'ride'; 53- et al, expanded; 55- stop abruptly; 56- holds a latchpin on a gatelatch; 58- Mom on "Who's the Boss?"; 63- Randy Johnson(P), affectionately?; 64- Black-White-Black; 65- 'Then Came Bronson'; personality type; 66- zilch at Wimbledon; 67- south of Ecuador; 68- to harden, as in against hardship; 69- a clairvoyant, or prophet; 70- 180 to W.; 71- the written portion of an exam;
1- acronymn; now, or yesterday; 2- soothe, calm, pacify. noun or verb; 3- largest continent; 4- an early Chinese Wu dynasty, also an MLB pitcher; 5- Ray Davies' group; 6- grandma's beau; 7- a Vegas hotel, a French and Italian resort area; 8- a pictured representation of something else; 9- pitch of a note; 10- modern 'asunder'; 11- Maynard's friend; 12- the 'sweet' part of Vita; 13- 70s 'pep pills'; 24- Culp and Cosby show of the 60s; 25- male horse 'out to pasture'; 26- glass in a window; 27- initiates a civil suit, briefly sorta; 28- Cardinals 'The Man' Musial; 29- young actress, Ms. Spelling; 31- logical disjunction of choice; 35- inert gas of Broadway; 36- tales of old times; 37- early empire originating in Peru; 38- one of many spellings of a Russian 'emperor'; 40- Beatles 1st drummer, Pete; 41- 70s muscle car 442, often(if cool) with a Hurst shifter; 43- Bonanza's patriarch, for short; 44- rubbers on the end of pencils; 45- though this is a fish, it might be the demeanor of an electric fish with a 'long face'; 49- Hebrew synagogue(s); 50- "can-u" wear this cologne?; 51- Popeye's 'goiyle'; 52- with b- is the 'real' version of margarine; 54- Kukla's sidekick; 56- comedian Leslie Townes surname; 57- w*l, b*h/2; 59- atoms that have gained/lost electrons; 60- wildebeests, for short; 61- wife of Zeus; 62- a three of any suit;