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Print Puzzle - "Themeless 92" by Patricia Wells on 3/6/2018
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1- Computer image processing journal; 5- Telegram; 10- Beer; 14- Land of Lima; 15- Gospel music phrase (2wds); 16- It's Golden; 17- Country's Jackson; 18- A kind of semiconductor; 19- Standard code page; 20- Old word for jeans; 22- It's black and white and orange; 23- Stylish; 24- Not everyone's favorite day, abbr.; 25- Kind of snake; 28- Something you get after 25 years; 29- Social facade; 33- A town in the state of Maine; 35- Application of a protective layer; 37- Singers; 39- Less than a dozen; 40- Greetings to you; 41- Water wheel e.g.; 44- Intend; 45- It's undervalued on the market; 46- Middle Eastern flute; 48- Its components are A, C, G, & U; 49- After deductions; 50- Flower bud protection; 52- Species of cormorants; 55- Famous queen; 59- Kind of skirt; 60- Studies; 61- Russian built sidecar motorcycle; 62- Atop; 63- Submission cry!; 64- Embellished; 65- Kelly who sings in the rain; 66- Forces; 67- Juan's way of saying hello;
1- It's a tablet; 2- In Spanish it means "hair"; 3- Algerian port city; 4- They are inflatable; 5- It started as a government enterprise; 6- It converts energy; 7- "Love's Labour's Lost" character; 8- Photography achievement in the UK; 9- City in the Netherlands; 10- How the spinal cord is plugged in; 11- Level or position; 12- Lest; 13- Diversion dam; 21- Current abbreviation; 22- Scroll of the law of God; 24- When needed they would be few, and good; 25- Alcoholic drink created by students; 26- A kind of ethanol; 27- Terminal; 29- Leaf (2wds); 30- Tanker e.g.; 31- "Dark Knight" director; 32- Florida ghost town; 34- Pneumatic motor (2wds); 36- Small pink Pokemon; 38- A good job proves you know them; 42- Stroke; 43- Lies prone; 47- Small dog bark; 50- Lacking tension; 51- Chortle; 52- Proud of oneself; 53- Wrestling maneuver; 54- Shortly; 55- Dinner, in Spanish; 56- Chopin wrote one in G minor; 57- Musical abbreviation; 58- A city in Iowa; 60- Sailor's toddy;