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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s (7)" by Bill Hunter on 6/16/2007
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1- flask shaped vessel; 6- some software is friendly to; 10- -happy; uncontrolled laughter; 14- "one-eyed" SPECTRE villian to .007; 15- birthday-suited; 16- a BlackJack tie; 17- malicious incendiary; 18- dittos in a reference list; 19- opp. out of; 20- converts sugar to alcohol; 21- crazy, loony; 22- acquire through merit; 23- displeasing aroma; 25- Jetson's son; 26- WW2 women's corpman group; 30- mummify without the 'rags', so to speak; 33- 1 furlong x 22yds; 34- to dismount a toilet?, or to inconvenience; 39- ride in the passenger seat; "Dibs On"; 41- an intern, apprentice; 42- cause of heartburn (2); 44- Dudley Doright's girlfriend; 45- if a 'deja vu' was actually happening; 46- teacher Andrea Thomas finds an amulet, Shazam! a superhero; 47- Peel's dapper partner; 51- "Dirt can't hide" from this Washday Miracle; 53- Hawaii Five-O's McGarret; 54- you don't 'pull on Superman's cape' or do this into the wind either; 56- to come to know via education; 61- Chinese 'sunny' counterpart of Yin; 62- Klink and Schultz's army; 63- might be an Irish word describing a glop of oozing slop; 64- Kovac's wife, the Dutch Masters girl; 65- a double-curved moulding profile; 66- remove pencil marks, for example; 67- grain(s) used in flour, bread, and whiskey; 68- belongs to Dr. Casey; 69- out in "the sticks";
1- Cassius before Muhammed; 2- red in the middle, when it 'stops jiggling'; 3- Great Bear/Small Bear, Major/Minor constellation; 4- mediate amongst the ids, supers, and external world, according to Sigmund; 5- rode 'Scout' alongside 'Silver'; 6- having one member of many, literally of one name; 7- surroundings of an urban area; 8- to change, as in text; 9- Cinn. baseballers, for short; 10- lengthy persuasive argument; 11- relating to a moon; 12- Jetson's pet; 13- a fake, fraud, not real; 24- to derive as a conclusion; 25- Steed's shapely partner; 26- acronymn for an W. European immigrant; 27- suffix for belly, heart, head; 28- one of corn, wheat, barley; 29- prefix with -ler; moves into an unoccupied area and makes home; 31- those fees for all the unknown events/supplies in school; 32- made a member of Britain's 'Upper House', sort of; 35- Twiggy's 'new skirt'; 36- to the right of the tens; 37- NY type sandwich shop; 38- charged serpent-like fish; 40- to clad in armor or clothing, for example; 43- voting, taxpaying member of a society; 47- more cunning, stealthier; 48- bumpy frog-like texture that could give you warts?; 49- Mr. Kovacs; 50- the fringes; 52- "be vewy, vewy quiet"; 54- a 'nose-in-the-air' eliteist; 55- according to Seger: turn it, move on; 57- close to beige; 58- frequently found in the bottom of a Petri dish; 59- she just wouldn't move to the back of the bus; 60- Windmills Of Your Mind, singer Harrison;