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Print Puzzle - "Superstitions" by Patricia Wells on 1/9/2018
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1- Surrounded by; 5- Step up; 10- Don't do this in the house (part 1); 14- Take cover; 15- Prize; 16- A kind of spy; 17- A risky game of chance; 18- Part 2 of 10 across (2wds); 20- Don't get crosswise to this (2wds); 22- In a straight line; 23- Solitary; 24- Don't do this with your arms crossed; 25- Spectacle; 28- Symbol for Texas (2wds); 33- Movie: The Man Called _____; 34- The bottom of a parrot's cage?; 35- Track relay Silver Medalist 1992; 36- Competitions; 37- The evil man that inspired "Dracula"; 38- Some potions; 40- Female outlaw, Starr; 41- Save your mother's back(part 1)(2wds); 42- Legendary racing name; 43- Specifications for encryption, init.; 44- Suffix denoting occupation; 45- Part 2 of 41 across; 49- Morning Joe, maybe; 54- This makes anything a superstition; 56- Fruit of a South American palm; 57- End of the line; 58- One of the best linemen in football; 59- Musical abbreviation for slackening; 60- You don't want to see them in the dark; 61- Female Jedi Master; 62- Dodge Challenger models, e.g.;
1- His worst luck was to marry Jezebel; 2- It grinds; 3- Mental spark; 4- Church position; 5- It might be deep; 6- It's a good catch; 7- River of Borneo; 8- Suffix denoting doctrine or belief; 9- Agitates again, as paint; 10- Bad luck harbinger; 11- Track and field equipment; 12- Bay on the coast of Queensland, AU.; 13- In the vicinity; 19- Ceremonies; 21- A child may skin it; 24- Puts to sleep; 25- Door framing aids; 26- A snowball with a tail; 27- Eat away; 28- One who amends garden soil, e.g.; 29- A broken mirror brings how much bad luck?(2wds); 30- Relates; 31- Somali coastal town; 32- A rental truck company; 34- Misfortunes; 36- Turn over property ( 2wds); 39- Perform on stage with another; 40- Short haircut; 44- Ancient Hebrew dry measures, var.; 45- Ice breaker; 46- Light horse drawn carriage; 47- Get out of bed; 48- Music and dance for instance; 49- City in Sicily; 50- Norms; 51- Evidence of past altercation, perhaps; 52- Spilling it is said to brings bad luck; 53- They might be cooking; 55- Feast;