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Print Puzzle - "Pioneer Woman's World" by Patricia Wells on 12/12/2017
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1- Sweet treat with ancient history; 6- A gravestone, for instance; 11- Read only chip; 14- Something valuable; 15- British prefix meaning "spiral"; 16- Mitsubishi Sports car; 17- Pioneer woman's Kitchen range; 19- Just a handful, maybe; 20- Co-dancer; 21- Swabbies; 23- Rowers; 25- Suffix meaning one engaged in an activity; 26- Giant needlework forms (2wds); 33- This far; 34- Pitch; 35- Undergarment; 36- It follows "be"; 39- Her pioneer weapon of defense (part 1); 42- Literary Journal from John Hopkins Univ.; 43- Part 2 of 39 across; 45- Self-driving transport vehicle; 46- Jackie's stuntman, perhaps (2wds); 51- Technical brain; 52- River feature; 53- Lasting; 57- Pioneer woman's bed, e.g.; 62- Before, poetic; 63- Pioneer woman's small appliance; 65- Label information; 66- Do what the pioneers always did; 67- Character in Batman stories; 68- Mating dance arena; 69- Oak tree nymph; 70- They are trumpeters;
1- Pioneer latch; 2- Skippy's role; 3- 4WD buggy racing class, init.; 4- Air channel; 5- It's a beta-blocker; 6- Lifetime's 2009 sitcom; 7- Pioneer woman's treat; 8- Cadillac models; 9- Dumas' WWE name; 10- Hurting more; 11- Congress concern (2wds); 12- it may come after "turn"; 13- Cuts hay; 18- Miami team; 22- Meadow; 24- Cryptocurrency; 26- Pioneer woman's pen; 27- Without an oar it's a bad spot (3wds); 28- Tech school shuttered in 2016; 29- It's a toothy fish; 30- The backward swing; 31- Bert's buddy on Sesame Street; 32- Droop; 36- Section of a journey; 37- HMO alternative; 38- Racket; 40- Stompings, for instance (2wds); 41- British law degree letters; 44- FBI security branch; 47- The World's largest pool league, init.; 48- Took the teacher's place; 49- Stand up for; 50- Unique person or thing; 53- Farmer's place; 54- Spontaneous whim; 55- Moonlight in Lisbon; 56- "One of Us" subject; 58- Sometimes it comes in January; 59- Kahiko dance; 60- Ancient name for Ireland; 61- WW I predecessor of the RAF; 64- Mini-stroke;