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Print Puzzle - "Themeless 89" by Patricia Wells on 9/25/2017
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1- Adorable Aussie; 6- Vichyssoise; 10- Two hulled sailing vessel; 14- Murray and Lamott; 15- Avidly interested; 16- It might be on or off; 17- The last player, on some teams; 18- Kind of belt used by health caregiver; 19- Tributes; 20- Terminal; 22- Short rifle used by the cavalry; 24- It's a stitch; 25- Speechless, e.g. (3wds); 26- Receipts; 30- Lego creator, Christiansen; 31- Character; 32- They might be described as "power"; 34- The one who runs the show; 38- Japanese trolls; 39- Golden; 41- How to spell "house" in Sweden; 42- Maharajah; 45- Suitor; 46- A powerful lobby group, init.; 47- A truck driver's equipment; 49- It might be held captive by an atom; 51- Doogees; 55- Short for "slowing tempo" in music; 56- It could be North or South; 57- A really important person; 60- Mood; 61- Create a primitive weapon; 63- Father, in Latin; 64- A lower corner of a square sail; 65- A kind of spirit lamp; 66- Town in Germany; 67- Shapes with an ax; 68- They're from Tampa Bay; 69- Metric unit of volume;
1- Dorothy and Toto's home, abbr.; 2- "Got this" (2wds); 3- Home of the USNA; 4- Rabbit food; 5- One English county (2wds); 6- Indication; 7- Russian river a.k.a. Biryusa; 8- Texas ghost town; 9- Kind of soup; 10- Unsolved equation, for instance; 11- Electromagnetic wave receiver; 12- Forecasts; 13- Alcoves; 21- Hawaiian name for turmeric; 23- Abnormal breathing sound; 26- Actor's aid; 27- Measure of financial performance, init.; 28- Smear thickly; 29- Binge; 33- It forms the Earth's upper crust; 35- A royal princess; 36- Money; 37- They know the score; 40- Honduran river; 43- They went on a long desert trek; 44- OTC diet pill; 46- Not less (2wds); 48- Double-______; 50- City on the island of Majorca, Spain; 51- Competition; 52- Soap plant; 53- Start up again; 54- Rosa e.g.; 57- Hot spots; 58- Literary contraction; 59- A river in Ireland; 62- Doesn't matter which one;