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Print Puzzle - "Silver Lining" by Patricia Wells on 4/7/2017
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1- US military officer training prog.; 5- Cheated; 10- Nose cartilage; 14- Resonance; 15- Social network for Amine; 16- It comes after alpha; 17- "League of Legends" fox; 18- Nevada ghost town (2wds); 20- Silver _____ ski resort; 22- A bone of contention; 23- It usually accompanies a salute; 24- Silver___: grizzly; 26- The language of scholarship; 29- Vacation spot, perhaps (2wds); 35- Popular pop artist; 36- Servant to a Roman Soldier; 37- Summer treat; 38- Jail weapon; 39- "War of the Worlds" narrator, Welles; 40- Jeans; 41- Kind of folk painting; 42- Spotted; 43- Nautical command to "stop!"; 44- Racked up no points; 46- Heredity units; 47- Over that way; 48- Spanish preposition; 49- "Time in a Bottle" singer; 53- Monocle; 58- You hear it as the hero rides "____ away." (3wds); 61- Elijah in Greek; 62- Namer; 63- Very old films; 64- Southern European mountain range; 65- He prefers keyboards to gridirons, e.g.; 66- Electronic environmental probe; 67- Silver_____;
1- 20 quires; 2- Eight, in Spanish; 3- Kind of traffic; 4- Ninety percent pure (2wds); 5- Two person sailing dinghy; 6- "Knock on Wood" singer, Stewart; 7- Firing equipment; 8- Part of SASE, abbr.; 9- English river; 10- Kindergarten subject, perhaps; 11- Garland of blossoms; 12- WWII Alaskan battle site; 13- "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" songwriter; 19- Ready for use; 21- Fork feature; 24- Claws; 25- In the Old West in might be running; 26- Survives; 27- Created for a specific purpose; 28- Early Welsh saint; 29- Silver _____; 30- Facilitates; 31- White poplar's other name; 32- Indian e.g.; 33- Actress Witherspoon; 34- Trials; 39- Capital once known as Christiania; 43- With bated breath; 45- Watches warily; 48- By itself (2wds); 49- It might be double; 50- You might need to catch one; 51- Document read aloud in English court; 52- Silver ____; 53- Equal; 54- A barren cow; 55- Weight loss product; 56- Samples; 57- A cloth banner worn over one shoulder; 59- Large Federal agency; 60- Mr. Tolstoy;