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Print Puzzle - "Forgotten Jewelry Box" by Patricia Wells on 3/29/2017
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1- Deadhead in the garden; 5- ____ medallion on a chain; 9- Irrational aversion to; 11- A hole dug for a worker to stand in; 13- One of a pair, the other probably lost; 14- A kind of market; 16- Indigenous people of Panay Island; 17- Attached; 19- Magnetic scan; 20- Minor dent; 22- It might be in front of fast; 23- A mixture of clay, silt and sand; 24- Noble; 26- Kind of wax; 27- Emails; 28- The great canoe of Maori legend; 30- Dangerous surf; 32- Rope beads and chokers; 34- One who resumes; 36- True; 39- Ankle ______; 40- Sheep brain disease; 42- West African hardwood tree; 44- A narrow gravel bar formed by waves; 45- Dicaprio role: _____Grape; 47- British boarding school for boys; 48- Maximum degree; 49- Malt vinegars; 51- Nuclear reactor component; 52- Bracelet e.g.; 54- Trellis; 56- 1930's film series detective (2wds); 57- Stiffening agent; 58- Irish author of crime fiction: ___ French; 59- They might be brown or green;
1- Masonic fraternity member; 2- Not that neither ?; 3- Wading birds with long curved bills; 4- Ale servings; 5- Hung open; 6- Obligated to repay; 7- Hospital employee; 8- Inherited from 21 down, maybe (part 1); 9- Vintage surface; 10- Native stone pendant; 11- Sun rooms; 12- Tongue-lashing; 13- Pilot's flight attitude instrument,init..; 15- Canyon boundaries; 18- Long ago splurge (2wds); 21- A favorite relative, perhaps; 23- Downtime; 25- Before one and after the other, abbr.; 27- A gravestone, for instance; 29- War between the states, acronym; 31- A kind of air rifle; 33- Party refill ? (2wds); 34- Tempo; 35- Long lost Amelia; 37- Standards of measurement; 38- Part 2 of 8 down; 39- Mexican tourist city, abbr.; 41- Gauges; 43- Flores Island capital; 45- Wife of comic strip Prince Valiant; 46- FCC internet connection for schools; 49- Assassinated King of Judah; 50- Remain; 53- Body armor manufacturer; 55- "Boyz N The Hood" role;