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Print Puzzle - "Ice Cream Flavors" by Patricia Wells on 3/20/2017
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1- US Treasury agent; 5- Rushed; 9- Recorded the old fashioned way; 14- Bangladeshi river; 15- Downing the entire drink, e.g.; 16- Town in Finland; 17- Slap lightly; 18- Ice cream flavor; 20- Bank's special interest rate, init; 21- Once and done letters; 22- Frets; 23- Green; 26- Part of the UK; 27- Sum total guy, init; 28- New product testing acronym; 30- Subsidiary of Sysco Food Service; 34- American comedian, McCullough; 36- Stone bridge features; 38- Suffix meaning "connected with"; 39- Ice cream flavor (2wds); 42- Beta encoder e.g. init, abbr.; 43- Small cafes; 44- Guesses,abbr.; 45- A variety of Koi fish; 47- It comes before La-la; 48- Stock market entry letters; 49- Second amendment defender; 51- Ice cream flavor; 54- Ice cream flavor; 58- Internet connector; 59- Evidence of a shooting, init; 61- Overnight bag (2wds); 63- Japanese seasoning paste; 64- Watering holes; 65- One of the Aleutian Islands; 66- Puzzle working whale at SeaWorld; 67- Type; 68- Computer programing language; 69- Use a winter vehicle;
1- Measuring utensil, abbr.; 2- Ice cream flavor (part 1); 3- Early morning shocker( 2wds); 4- Part 2 of 2 down; 5- Plantain lily; 6- Biased; 7- Poet's word; 8- Pull; 9- Bird whisker; 10- Ice cream flavor; 11- Chilean town known for weavings; 12- Spanish letter "R"; 13- Honey-do projects, perhaps; 19- Came out on top; 21- Very old English money; 24- Saga; 25- Air passage cleaners; 29- Those who rehabilitate; 31- The ideal woman of 1900 (2wds); 32- Ice cream in liquid form; 33- Beers; 34- Non-union worker; 35- Picasso portrait subject; 36- He was "The Greatest"; 37- Ambulance, for instance; 40- Unscented; 41- Take back; 46- Steak e.g.; 48- Mischievous child; 50- Without omission; 52- Deplete (2wds); 53- Problem; 54- A ship too big to go thru Suez, init; 55- It's a sea; 56- They are spacey; 57- Assn. of lawyers in child abuse cases; 60- Rocky ____ (ice cream); 62- Philippine ethnic group; 63- They form a watershed, abbr.;