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Print Puzzle - "Themeless 87" by Patricia Wells on 2/27/2017
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1- A point of light; 5- Midler or Davis; 10- Snatch; 14- Gaelic name for Ireland; 15- Pastoral; 16- Frequency; 17- Backyard entertainment center; 19- A kind of ore; 20- Lonely cowboy's watering hole; 21- Dirty fingerprints, for instance; 23- Tejas; 26- Existence; 27- Tints; 29- Scottish breakfast sausage; 31- A place to take a medicinal bath; 34- Masculine; 35- Makes a map of a construction site; 36- Compact e.g.; 37- Comply; 38- A billion years or so; 39- It might be a great one; 40- He was one of Tolkien's Petty-dwarves; 41- Frantic and deranged; 43- A spicy tomato sauce; 44- Fuel additive brand; 45- Highly successful, _____ hit; 46- Carnivore's snack; 47- 1953 Leslie Caron film; 49- Eskimo house not made of snow; 51- Ship wreckage debris; 54- Small herbivore; 58- The star at the end of the serpent's tail; 59- On the verge; 62- One on one combat by appointment; 63- Free; 64- Goad; 65- Watery swirl; 66- Donkeys in German; 67- First Garden;
1- Groups of like things; 2- Israeli city; 3- Disappearing sea; 4- Not even close; 5- Largest US metropolitan Zoo; 6- Fed. property construction funding,init; 7- A kind of cycle; 8- Shades of brown; 9- Heating coil; 10- Components of crossword puzzles; 11- Epic; 12- Native American nation; 13- Kind of wear; 18- A 16th century lover's ring; 22- Functions; 24- Michigan county seat; 25- One who performs alone; 27- Something done without thinking; 28- Idle; 30- Southwestern dwelling; 32- Bright Colorful garden flower; 33- Locale; 34- Nurturers; 39- Navy e.g. (2wds); 41- Phone activation codes, init; 42- Cordial; 43- Frog gig e.g.; 48- Home of Mount Etna; 50- Stares at; 51- Lose color; 52- British king of legend; 53- Software for robotics research, init.; 55- Nuthatch; 56- Author of "Picnic"; 57- Not a child, not an adult; 60- Measure of profitability, init; 61- ISP offering;