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Print Puzzle - "Themeless 85" by Patricia Wells on 2/6/2017
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1- Speed read; 5- Maple Tree; 9- Snowballs, maybe; 13- It holds the accountant accountable; 15- Frog genus; 16- Sustenance; 17- Goes beyond; 19- Cholesterols; 20- Merit; 21- Controlled the speed; 23- Condition of being overly focused; 26- Dividers; 29- Region of infrared spectrum, init.; 30- Small inlets in Orkney; 32- Ocean cats?; 35- Part of a knight's armor; 37- Kind of ware; 38- It changes text to speech, init; 40- "Ah-h, It can wait until tomorrow."; 44- French river; 45- Small Texas town; 46- Humpbacked aquarium fish; 47- Neighbor to a Latvian, perhaps; 50- Half of a close race phrase; 51- The drinks are on it; 52- They hold our genetic history; 54- Weathervane direction; 55- It might be orange; 57- Restraint; 60- Kind of haircut; 61- Some speakers can't seem to get there (3wds); 67- Bridle, e.g.; 68- Threesome; 69- Salt; 70- Stringed instrument feature; 71- You'll find one in the mountains; 72- Kind;
1- Did nothing; 2- Mutt; 3- Anti-discrimination law, init; 4- Team, perhaps; 5- Competition sites; 6- Roadside litter; 7- Finish; 8- Coarse file; 9- Big labor group; 10- Nowadays (2wds); 11- Shape; 12- Open Office file extension; 14- Agency of the DHS; 18- A place to be sworn in, abbr.; 22- Muskrat e.g.; 23- West Virginia town; 24- The Hiding Place author, Ten Boom; 25- Teach by example; 27- Groom's buddy (2wds); 28- Hindu widow's suicide; 31- Wall street watchdog agency, init.; 33- Phoenix Sun's center Alex ___; 34- Those who show little emotion; 36- Infantry e.g.; 39- Plumber's aid; 41- A kind of nursing degree; 42- Security setting on iphone; 43- Dorothy's friend "The ___ man; 48- Instructed; 49- Cheesy chips; 53- Take to court; 55- Sear; 56- Address beginning; 58- Tachometer reading, init; 59- Throw out; 60- It's on the sun screen label; 62- British singer and actress Rita ___; 63- Old contraction; 64- Wall climber; 65- It might be in the air; 66- Tiny wooden or plastic spike;