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Print Puzzle - "Themeless 84" by Patricia Wells on 1/16/2017
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1- A rack; 5- Abbr. found on list of contacts; 9- Crackers forte; 13- Borders 5 other states and a great lake; 14- Quotes; 16- Apartment; 17- Publisher's raw material; 19- Sunfish; 20- An officer's due; 21- With keen anticipation; 23- An academic degree; 24- Hunting treks; 25- Roofed a Mediterranean style house; 28- Caddie's responsibility (2wds); 29- Jungle comment; 30- Pay comes first; 31- Lime growing region of Mexico; 34- Disaster alert method, init.; 35- Fabric ridges e.g.; 36- Part of a six-pack; 37- Harp; 38- Rich political donor (2wds); 40- We always want it fresh; 41- It might be in a garage; 42- Fourth largest US state; 44- Uses influence; 45- More out of control; 46- Dance of the pioneers; 47- Shows great respect for; 48- Dance lines; 51- Russian leopard; 52- Failure to use reasonable care; 55- The ____ bird will not get the worm; 56- Large mug; 57- Sirius e.g.; 58- Something special in Britain; 59- Standards of temperature and pressure; 60- Follows the decimal;
1- Danube River town; 2- "Gotchas"; 3- Ancient unit of weight; 4- Colorado city; 5- They might be receivable, abbr.; 6- Serious situation; 7- Budget figure, abbr.; 8- Annul; 9- It's Roman; 10- Same old same old; 11- They hold the cash; 12- A governor's reprieve; 15- Military commander's vehicle (2wds); 18- Took to court; 22- West African country; 24- That lucky old sun; 25- Not kosher; 26- Midwestern state; 27- Just in the nick of time (2wds); 28- Mountain pass; 30- Paper guides for needlework; 32- A great shopping place; 33- A long time; 35- Rhea; 36- They keep an eye on the other guys; 39- A kindergartener e.g.; 40- Colony member; 41- Offer an idea; 43- Part of net worth; 44- Half of a table tennis game; 45- Mother, for instance; 46- Connects; 47- A sign of goodness; 48- Staple alternative; 49- Pony up; 50- Capture a computer image; 53- "Scram!" in hillbilly jargon; 54- Hospital areas, abbr.;