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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s (6)" by Bill Hunter on 4/29/2007
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1- group of 8; 6- Lots Of Trihedral Integers, for short; 10- a tater; 14- New, Waxing, or Gibbous; 15- un-closed; 16- edible root, base for poi; 17- poisonous substance; 18- prohibitions as a group; 19- therefore, in ancient Rome; 20- Trek, Limits, Twilight genre; 21- put your quarter in, pull the handle...; 22- struggled to make a living; 23- Art Fern's 'Tea Time Movie' assistant; 26- almost a whistle, attention-getter; 30- "Vegemite Sandwich" guys at work; 31- Bonanza's patriarch; 32- Mr. Montalban, for short(maybe); 33- Black-White-Black treat; 34- Amos Burke's car, briefly; 39- sounds Alexander Mundy doesn't want to hear; 41- Green Giant's little pal; 42- Lone Ranger's saving friend; 43- Clousseau's manservant, "Not now"...; 46- "I'd like to teach the world to sing"; 47- 'similie-like' adverb; 49- Titanic singer, for short; 50- to eject lava from a volcano; 51- flowering plant with 2 embryonic leaves in its seed; Rose, Magnolia; 57- modern "Amateur Hour"; 58- always greeted by name entering Cheers; 59- with F is Gomez's brother, or Morticia's uncle; 64- Gene Chandler's Duke; 65- host country of 'Bay of Pigs'; 66- the 'Volga Boatmen' "pull" after Yo!; 67- resident of Bangkok; 68- Iliad, Odyssey type work, e.g.; 69- Johnny Yuma show; 70- part of the shoe that will 'put the pedal to the metal'; 71- pack of 52; 72- charging exorbitant interest;
1- to make choices, sometimes out; 2- chocolate, for short; 3- Alex, Rev. Jim, Latka; 4- ... "I really cared"; 5- Levi's material; 6- tasty seafood with butter; 7- like the October birthstone; 8- fits a mortise to form a joint; 9- arch of the foot; 10- pretty much a guitar played in the lap; 11- one piece coat with a hood; 12- drove, insisted, or impelled; 13- Buffalo Bob's 'dangling' friend; 24- Andy's comedic partner; 25- "Brave, Courageous, and Bold"; 26- Predicted Range Against Target, for short; 27- ICBM tube; 28- convert a document to a file; 29- a legal breach, entitling compensation; 35- fierce, hobbit or goblin-like creatures in D&D; 36- Theodore wants a plane that does this for Christmas; 37- Granpappy Amos' nephew; 38- conglomerate of leftovers, cooked in a pot; 40- pond around a castle; 41- Napoleon, of U.N.C.L.E.; 44- sour, harsh, pungent; 45- 'Amateur Hour' host; 48- placed two objects in harmony or alignment; 51- Atkins, South Beach, et al.; 52- state of potatoes; 53- a living reef; 54- Kukla's sidekick; 55- small, elevated magnifying lens; monocular; 56- goofy 60s jacket with no collar or lapels; 60- clearly visualizes; 61- really strong 70s perfume, probably still around(literally); 62- with -ly: two brothers of "Bye Bye Love"; 63- to depend on confidently;