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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s (5)" by Bill Hunter on 4/29/2007
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1- the 'Matinee Lady', Carol; 6- Marty's kid sidekick at the Triple R Ranch; 10- two cops in this -12 car; 14- had dinner indoors; 15- Darrin Stephens boss; 16- U.N.C.L.E. agent Napolean; 17- to share roles, in a film; 18- quickly fermented beers, frequently in pints; 19- 'Tom Dooley's' Kingston group; 20- an excursion, frequently for shopping; 21- 'shanters', hats frequently seen in golf; 22- areas of 'tickling' laughs; 23- WKRP's Venus Flytrap; 25- George Jetson's robo-maid; 26- agency source of "snail-mail", for short; 30- "Black Haired Beauty" had these 'way up firm and high'; 33- entered as guilty or innocent; 34- supplies with nerves; 39- the capacity of a tank?; 41- Wilbur's 'flying machine'; 42- the opposite of 'Mikey', who hates everything; 44- to compel, or an instictive impulse; 45- may be added to injury; 46- a.m., briefly and archaic; 47- Emma Peel's dapper partner; 51- having pedal digits; 53- to artificially 'loop' hair; 54- that yummy coagulated soy milk; 56- to cause occupants to leave a vehicle; 61- displeasing aroma; 62- periods of time with distinguishing characteristics; 63- actor; Simon Templar; 64- list of items to accomplish; 65- prison room; 66- card may contain B-12; 67- a three of any suit; 68- Neil Diamond's 'Holly'; 69- big guy, big voice; War of the Worlds;
1- WW2 women's corpman group; 2- not on the bottom; 3- 365 sunrises; 4- precursor band to Emerson, Lake, & Palmer; 5- sign can be on the back side of an EXIT; 6- those that sell or make fancy writing paper; 7- "Have Gun Will Travel"; 8- member of a list; 9- Head 'Fed' of The "Untouchables"; 10- Jetson's pet; 11- actress star, "Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?"; 12- an excuse as a defense; 13- Rocket J. sidekick; 24- an undistinguished or inferior imitator; 25- let me know if you're coming; 26- approaching closely, but not quite; 27- a 'grand' results in 4; 28- Former Pennsylvania postal abbrev.; 29- rice wine; 31- a 'head in the clouds' approach; 32- sad or full of sorrow; 35- crinkly foil, for short, or a water soluble sulfate crystal; 36- edible root, base for poi; 37- train 'captain', abbr.; 38- has been observed; 40- enthusiastic, eager; 43- the oulet point of a river or drain, frequently elevated; 47- in charge of the 'Di-Lithium crystals'; 48- English dynasty included Henry VIII; 49- to slowly consume or disintegrate; 50- Jetson's son; 52- the big-eared flying pachyderm; 54- a computer mechanic, for short; 55- Black-White-Black cookie; 57- black, in Paris; 58- the day(s) after Sun., for short; 59- Jason et al. searched for the "Golden Fleece" on this ship; 60- inert gas of Broadway;