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Print Puzzle - "Relaunch No. 1" by Dean Rockett on 4/12/2016
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7- Organisation of states formed in 1945 to promote peace (6,7); 8- Pair of eyebrow pluckers (8); 9- Grassy ground (4); 10- Wood-cutting residue (7); 12- Small, icy solar system body (5); 14- Common metal, prepare for something unpleasant (5); 16- Heavy stabilising material (7); 19- Status ___, Latin expression meaning 'The existing state of affairs' (3); 20- As impressive as a king or queen's residence (8); 22- Rum sets envoys on the way to finding the body's sensory apparatus (Anagram) (7,6);
1- Form of precipitation popular with skiers (4); 2- Be present at (6); 3- Contrary (7); 4- Very light wood (5); 5- Usually small, informal restaurant (6); 6- Breathing devices for swimming just under the surface of water (8); 11- Old items of furniture, etc, made valuable by their age and rarity (8); 13- Anarchic (7); 15- Develop (6); 17- Most recent (6); 18- Pointy part of a teapot, talk excitedly or in a declamatory manner (5); 21- Highest point (4);