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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s (4)" by Bill Hunter on 4/25/2007
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1- 60s version of a really fun time; 6- could be bass, could be treble; 10- 50s version of Holy Crap!; 14- bus driver Cramden; 15- is not, briefly; 16- Lots Of Trihedral Integers, for short; 17- to inspire with feelings or emotion; 18- 2nd host of "Tonight Show"; 19- Benji or Shaggy Dog, for short; 20- intended to imply; 21- Mr. Montalban, for short(maybe); 22- to change, as in text; 23- the unelected ruling class; 26- 'file' version of vinyl 33s; 30- the Pet Detective; 31- Bonanza's patriarch; 32- Cain's bro; 33- to yield, grant, or surrender; 34- Dobie's beatnik friend; 39- in marbles, the see-through one; 41- best way to see where you are going; 42- a wool fabric often military, to stitch ends to prevent fraying, also a French first name; 43- Clousseau's manservant, "Not now"...; 46- Twiggy's 'new skirt'; 47- a 'who you are' badge; 49- 'The Ghost and...", lady Muir; 50- ant, roach, rat; 51- 17th century black-powder rifle with a funnel on the end; 57- Waco massacre 'mastermind'; 58- Spanky's gang, close-knit guys; 59- 're-trys' on a flimset; 64- the 'thing' you scratch; 65- death announcement, for short; 66- to bring to bear, possibly a force; 67- Napoleon, of U.N.C.L.E.; 68- side opposite/hypotenuse; 69- Jetson's son; 70- had intimate relations, biblically, or at least archaically; 71- live on it, precariously; 72- a 70ish term for dumb;
1- one of the original decaf 'Coffee in the Can'; 2- out of touch, L7, also crippled; 3- ancient Scotland; 4- 'Itsy, Bitsy' has done this to a web; 5- 'O' in Greek, at least in shape; 6- an early 70s 'luxury' Chevy; 7- maintained a connection between two parties, (a stretch); 8- to make into action, law or bring to fruition; 9- Larry Storch's Civil War misfits; 10- "siwwy wabbit" hunter; 11- soft Holland cheese, frequently from skim milk; 12- toys up here, may not be fun; 13- little song about Jack & Dianne; 24- flamboyant, off-color, seems to suggest speed; 25- Duncan put these in a box; 26- WW2 women's corpman group; 27- can do; 28- to swerve away from; 29- by-product of smelting; 35- an inclined platform; 36- Kovac's wife, the Dutch Masters girl; 37- bread for the burgers at a picnic; 38- fast-paced 2 player card game, just get rid of your cards; 40- WKRP's Venus Flytrap; 41- the big son on 'The Ponderosa'; 44- just kinda walking around, like John Wayne; 45- in charge of an estate or a fund; 48- to remove a ruler, frequently by force; 51- an Iced Tea soda-like thing; 52- to sorta give an inclination, or a hint; 53- Napolean and Ilya's organization; 54- No Way, not in any manner; 55- foaming at the mouth; 56- Emma Peel's dapper partner; 60- connects 2 wheels; 61- the starting 'seeds' of popcorn, briefly; 62- Greek god of Love; 63- the 'red-eye' pimple;