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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s (3)" by Bill Hunter on 4/21/2007
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1- Tonto's 'ride'; 6- an inclined platform; 10- Marty's kid sidekick at the Triple R Ranch; 14- by any other name, would smell as sweet (1,4); 15- Great Lake; OH, PA, MI; 16- Am. Indian cornbread; johnnycake; 17- -wuzzee, wuzza bear, (sp?); 18- "The Fall Guy", Lee Majors; 19- 'Charlie Hustle', of the Reds; 20- to bring to bear, possibly a force; 21- To Sir With Love, artist; 22- to snuff out, ala Mafia; 23- illuminations on a home?; 26- charged serpent-like fish; 30- America, for short; 31- 'similie-like' adverb; 32- wood fastener without threads; 33- the center of the 60s universe; 34- Jack's exit from the box; 39- had a nightime sleep 'journey'; 41- procedure to divert blood flow; 42- a foam or froth, as on the ocean; 43- one of Oliver and Lisa Douglas' green 'plots'; 46- Bronze, Iron, Dark et al.; 47- a commercial, for short; 49- not hers; 50- for fear that; 51- table-dance shows, at the bar?; 57- 'The Graduate' Mrs. Robinson; 58- Crighton's 70s movie dealing with organ harvesting; 59- one of the most frequent motel 'souvenirs'; 64- the 41st thief?; 65- displeasing aroma; 66- to avoid, frequently by trickery; 67- Carrey character can't be honest; 68- WKRP's Venus Flytrap; 69- hauntingly scary; 70- mistakes, for short; 71- 60s mediocre answer to "How are you?"; 72- complement to washer;
1- Alexander Mundy, master 'cracker'; 2- the basic, critical factor; 3- to leak, as from a sore; 4- some software is friendly to; 5- biting 'instruments'; 6- life-style of Howard Hughes, later; 7- an imposed end to sleep; 8- French 'auto-race' card game, Bourne; 9- "Downtown" singer; 10- a small shoot of a plant; 11- affectionate name for Benji; 12- an object embedded into another; 13- requirements; 24- to eject or remove from a place; 25- Culp and Cosby show of the 60s; 26- finishes, completes; 27- "Brave, Courageous, and Bold"; 28- instead of, as in a 'stand-in'; 29- a 'grand' one results in 4; 35- 10th birthstone; 36- according to Seger: turn it, move on; 37- utilizes; 38- almost a whistle, attention-getter; 40- flesh of an animal; 41- Beatles 1st drummer, Pete; 44- rag for drying off your muscle-car; 45- Mr. Roarke from the 'Island', firstly; 48- Hoda, and other home furnishing styles of the 70s; 51- TV service brought hundreds of channels; 52- light indicating the start of a radio or tv show; 53- remove restriction or prohibition; 54- approaches, comes into proximity; 55- upscale shopping Drive in Beverly Hills; 56- Emma Peel's dapper partner; 60- The Captain in 'Airplane', phonetically at least; 61- to be on-guard; 62- Kovac's wife, the Dutch Masters girl; 63- to stare with lascivious interest;