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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s (2)" by Bill Hunter on 4/15/2007
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1- 'Who's on First'; straight man; 6- Elliott Ness' Untouchables moniker, for short; 10- first half of "Yesterday's Gone' duo; 14- Zoro's alias, Don; 15- Iliad, Odyssey type work, e.g.; 16- Raphael, for short; 17- big guy, big voice; War of the Worlds; 18- Non. Spec. Ven. Un.; 19- Kovac's wife, the Dutch Masters girl; 20- tilted it; consonant(ly); 21- 60s character actress Stevens, for short; 22- a door is not a door when it's ...; 23- "There is nothing wrong with your television set" show; 26- Am. Fed. Pop. Lat.; 30- Chinese architect, I.M.; 31- Rocky's greeting to Adrian; 32- these 'Brummels' gave us "Laugh, Laugh, I thought I'd Cry"; 33- Inst. Rep. Nat.; 34- Brando's last dance in Paris; 39- Cowboy Roy's dog; 41- game 'invented' the term "bachelorette"; 42- 2 of Clubs for example, in France(2); 43- Boy's Clubs of American, for short; 45- 10th birthstone; 46- pre cetera; yada, yada; 48- Eng. Org. of Wrk.; 49- follows check, briefly; 50- cartoon hero 'actually' had a mouth; 56- actresses Wood, Turner; 57- Beatles inspirion played the sitar; 58- cloth shoe coverings; 63- Batteries 'in the box', for short; 64- Jeannie's Barbara; 65- that beautiful purple inked 'Xerox machine', for short; 66- ending ratio is the fundamental explanation for something that works; 67- if Mister T is 'MrT', this might be "erroneous T"; 68- to drive forward, as in a motor moving water; 69- join train rails; 70- after Bangla; George Harrison's concert; 71- Mr. Topper, firstly;
1- what was left showing on the screen at the end of the intro to 23(1,2); 2- to spin a log by standing on it; 3- Beatles 1st drummer, Pete; 4- George Burns' 'divine' movie; 5- Lone Ranger's saving friend; 6- If I'm Dickens, he's...; 7- curly-haired, Jewish kid member of 'Sweathogs'; 8- this 'Dan' was underwater in a helmeted suit; 9- 'Voice' of the Dodgers, forever; 10- Bruce, Baker, Clapton, please; 11- Jonny Quest's Indian sidekick; 12- once a great Italian sports car (1,4), still a car; 13- a bunch of Bambi, poor form; 24- to raise a bet, or a bar (2,2); 25- 'I' in Athens; 26- that 'great' Swedish band gave us "Fernando"; 27- Hogan's Hero star hosted this game show; 28- Eastwood's Preacher 'Rider'; 29- To Sir With Love, artist; 35- tiny nuclear ant hero; 36- Nat. Inc. and Prod. Acct.; 37- pesky little bug you just can't swat away; 38- a flirtatious? stare, used to be with your tongue hanging out; 40- big-wig, for short; 41- toon 4-legged southern Deputy; 43- belongs to young Mr. Cleaver; 44- Montalban touted 'rich leather' from this Mediterranean city; 47- glasses with one red, one green lens; wow!; 50- Mr. Walker was Cheyenne; 51- roof, freqently open over a hot tub e.g.; 52- Napolean and Ilya's organization; 53- stories of Two Cities; 54- a nucleus of trained personnel, frequently military; 55- forces that pull molecules across a membrane from greater to lesser density, or something like that; 59- 3.1416+abbr. for month, makes a word?; 60- Fender, Marshall, Kustom was king; 61- Pepsi's version of 7-Up; 62- U.N.C.L.E. agent Napolean;