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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s" by Bill Hunter on 4/14/2007
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1- fits a mortise to form a joint; 6- largest continent; 10- almost a whistle, attention-getter; 14- sound resulting from pushing a button on a 'Princess' phone(2); 15- 60s term for moolah; 16- Waco massacre 'mastermind'; 17- Ides month; 18- Fred & Wilma's 'dog'; 19- editorial page, of sorts; 20- "be vewy, vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits"; 21- Ms. Brockovich; 22- Crispian St. Peters' song about this flautist; 23- not needed, extraneous; 26- with ice cream, makes a 'float'; 30- had solid nourishment; 31- a hairstyle, for short; 32- 10th birthstone; 33- military 'cafe'?; 34- "one-eyed" SPECTRE villian to .007; 39- Fred and Wilma's neighbor; 41- 'than thou' attitude of moral supremacy; 42- the written portion of an exam; 43- conglomeration of art, fashion, design celebrating the 'Machine Age'; 46- part of the shoe that will 'put the pedal to the metal'; 47- Bond's first villian, with his own island; 49- song to the 'earth', featured Jeremiah the bullfrog; 50- director Preminger; 51- cartoon character with a 'bag of tricks'; 57- Ray Stevens' Ahab; 58- muscle-car gauge of Revs, briefly; 59- selections on a menu; 64- Holiday motels; 65- prefix with thesis, septic, venom; 66- collection of celluloid scenes; 67- head and body bugs; 68- a fragrant, thorny-stemmed flower; according to 20; 69- 'soaps' Miss Kane; 70- has been observed; 71- assistant or helper; 72- carries tree nutrients in direction opposite phloem;
1- not wild or savage; 2- among others, for short; 3- always greeted by name entering Cheers; 4- a single occurance, or at one time; 5- goofy 60s jacket with no collar or lapels; 6- cooked not too soft, not so hard; 7- evening gatherings, rather formally; 8- dealing with a group of charged atoms; 9- made ammends, or recompence; 10- inanimate 'extras' in a movie or play; 11- characteristic color of old photographs; 12- a scorn-like smile; 13- warm 'adult beverage' for a cold night; 24- Shirley Ellison's gibberish song game; 25- Napoleon, of U.N.C.L.E.; 26- small, open wound; 27- a work of art, or music; 28- little amounts will 'do ya' with Brylcreem; 29- ancient Scotland; 35- et al, expanded; 36- 'a really fun time' word in the 70s; 37- Gamma Emission Level Totals, for short; 38- Black-White-Black treat; 40- mid-size wild cat, bobcat, also a Mercury; 41- waxplant named for Thomas Hoy; 44- removed from a game by penalty; 45- Michael Ansara portrayed this Indian Chief; 48- home of the former CFL Roughriders; 51- does not succeed; 52- cigar toting Mr. Kovacs; 53- O.J.'s Judge Ito, firstly; 54- playwright Henrik; Hedda Gabler; 55- host city for 'tank riding' 60s Jane; 56- Takes a lickin', and keeps on tickin'; 60- Republican Party in UK, so to speak; 61- anti-good; 62- unknowing experimental participants; 63- the continuous stitches on a baseball;