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Print Puzzle - "Bravo!" by Gordon Johnson on 8/12/2015
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1- According to Bach, the "Joy of Man's Desiring"; 5- Le petit éléphant; 10- Coll. or univ., e.g.; 14- Dendrite counterpart; 15- "Humble" home; 16- Without sin; 17- 2002 site of "worst act of terror in Indonesia's history"; 18- Hello, Hilo!; 19- Hits the puck a tad too far; 20- Where Peace Corps volunteers could study at the School for International Training after serving in 57-Across; 23- Kit ___ Club, renowned 1920s London nightclub; 24- Host a roast; 25- Honey bunch; 27- Holden Caulfield's grain of choice; 28- Hector's fierce Achaean combatant; 32- Home of Bradley University; 33- Top-notch student, metaphorically; 35- High times?; 36- 1995 earthquake site; 39- Famed railroad … and bookends for 20- and 57-Across and 11- and 38-Down; 41- One in a pocketful of flowers; 42- Venerated Eastern Orthodox paintings; 44- Salieri nemesis; 46- Certain propellers; 48- Famed, and flamed, fiddler?; 49- Hookups involving RNs?; 52- Apt description of Harry Chapin's "Cat's in the Cradle"; 54- Morning in Marseille; 56- Shoot up; 57- Upper Volta until 1984; 61- Sweater ball; 63- Hanoi Jane; 64- Mélange; 65- "___ you so!"; 66- Stokes; 67- Recent internet meme "Putin on the ___"; 68- Lennon's in-laws; 69- Methamphetamine, slangily; 70- Military peacetime stance (with "at")?;
1- Twitter, at times; 2- Retired from 1st Infantry Division, say; 3- Comfort; 4- Marx's call to "workers of the world"; 5- Canaanite deity; 6- Napoleonic quality before he "saw Elba"; 7- Knucklehead; 8- Like some committees; 9- React, as a horse to danger; 10- Bee: Prefix; 11- Possible client of 38-Down after a long trail ride; 12- Burglaries; 13- "There's nothing to worry about"; 21- What to do along the dotted line?; 22- Child's lead-in to "sesame," perhaps; 26- Take into one's own faction; 29- Sharp punch; 30- Smith who wrote "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations"; 31- It's a gas, but still noble; 33- What Mendel called "factors"; 34- Wood-shaping tool; 36- Emulate a sycophant; 37- Graduation, say; 38- Cathouse; 40- Stick in a dugout?; 43- Clean the deck: Var.; 45- Gypsies, more formally; 47- Murders, informally; 49- Nazione di Berlusconi; 50- Calls on; 51- Alarm clock button; 53- Kind of health insurance; 55- Prior to, previously; 58- Tibiofemoral joint locale; 59- Like some threats; 60- Old OTC market regulator; 62- Mormons: Abbr.;