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Print Puzzle - "Easy Pickins" by Bill Hunter on 4/9/2007
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1- interjection Oh, I don't believe it; shortly; 6- 'blow lunch', briefly; 10- to keep for later, sometimes illegally; 14- light indicating the start of a radio or tv show; 15- spool that holds a line, as in fishing line; 16- young actress, Ms. Spelling; 17- a main feature of this 'house' is you don't have to mow the lawn!; 18- major football rivals of U.S. Naval Academy; 19- yellow-bricked, e.g.; 20- poet humorist, Nash; 21- King Henry, by the numbers; 22- director Preminger; 23- grandson of a sib; 26- to assist in a wrongdoing; 30- not well; 31- where you collect $200; 32- can be used before nut, pops, chanel; 33- an abnormal tissue sac; 34- first of many synthetic fibers; 39- small fence in Track & Field; 41- kinda-sorta, resembling; 42- musical composition used for practice; 43- to compel, or an instictive impulse; 46- healing ooze of succulent plant; 47- bad-boy Terrell Owens, for short; 49- a billion years; 50- to pitch, commonly in baseball; 51- riding a sailed board; 57- frequently found in the bottom of a Petri dish; 58- promote boastfully; 59- a tongue-in-cheek toast; 64- an elbow bone; 65- an archaic challenge, or the gauntlet thrown down; 66- needle test to examine 'birth fluid', shortly; 67- lots of length; 68- maple genus; 69- card may contain B-12; 70- constituents of tofu; 71- a group of females?; 72- had a rank odor;
1- 70s band, following Buffalo Springfield; Furay, Messina; 2- S. Nev. Occ. Grp., shorter; 3- a group of useable digits; 4- assistant or helper; 5- not right; 6- with courage and boldness; 7- radio antennae; 8- submit a payment; 9- type of Circus operated by Monty Python; 10- leather used to sharpen a straight razor; 11- fairy source of surprise money under your pillow; 12- to give a speech; 13- 'hourglass' spider; 24- largest cultivated crop in the world; 25- Gigayears; 26- suffix for belly, heart, head; 27- a boxing match, for short; 28- close to beige; 29- SNLs Murray "Touchy Feely" boyfriend of Ratner's Lisa; 35- a short yes; 36- To Sir With Love, artist; 37- displeasing aroma; 38- playwright Coward; 40- balls that hit the net, but in play; tennis; 41- Former Pennsylvania postal abbrev.; 44- escapes a country, usually for political reasons; 45- swellings of the neck caused by Iodine deficiency; 48- to release inherent chemicals in a vaporous form; 51- to make high-pitched whiney sounds; 52- an icehouse; 53- hired care-giver for child(ren); 54- short auto races of acceleration; 55- one of the oldest nuisance insects; 56- '5-finger discounts', for short; 60- leave off, or out; 61- this Santa was no jolly guy, hosted the last 'mass' for Crockett, Bowie; 62- convert speech to hand movements; 63- removed, previously;