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Print Puzzle - "Hot Rocks" by Gordon Johnson on 6/7/2015
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1- Give weapons, again; 6- Bavarian car co.; 9- James of "Brian's Song"; 13- Together with 52-Across, where in the solar system you can find hints to the four starred clues; 14- Wally's nickname for brother Theodore, with "the"; 16- Cathedral recess; 17- Things to be cracked; 18- Target for as diamond thief; 19- Tenn. footballers; 20- Place of refuge; 22- Guinevere's guy; 24- Joie de vivre; 26- Rabbit holes; 27- * Temperatures on the increase?; 31- Leave it, to an editor; 32- Tre + tre; 33- Abandon the army; 36- And all the rest, briefly; 37- Loads of laundry; 39- Eastern "way"; 40- Wall-to-wall pile?; 42- North Korean dictator; 43- Breezy; 44- * Studies about a certain Mother?; 47- "The War of the Worlds" weapon; 49- Kill; 50- Like luggage that disappeared and wasn't found; 52- See 13-Across; 56- Verve; 57- Had justified true belief; 59- Company crests, so to speak; 60- Stroke of good fortune; 61- Scout badge holder; 62- Take on a pet, or perhaps a highway; 63- Coulter and Curry; 64- It's what's up outside; 65- Match lovers;
1- Costa ___; 2- Adam and Eve's grandson; 3- Mayberry's sheriff; 4- Go for the incumbent; 5- Capt. Kirk's helmsman; 6- Consumer protection org.; 7- Lunch or dinner; 8- Sushi condiment; 9- Stalactite sites; 10- In a sorry state; 11- Take ___ boat to China; 12- Crows' homes; 15- * Beauty who will never hug you back?; 21- * Alien world on the offensive?; 23- Tears up the face; 25- Putin's putdown; 27- 60,000 of these make a min.; 28- Jazzy James; 29- Sailing, surfing, skiing and the like; 30- Perry and Santorum; 34- Like some stamps or coins; 35- Elf outputs; 37- Ballplayer (and famous quipster) who said "You can observe a lot by just watching"; 38- Sounds of sots; 41- Art benefactors; 43- "Who can guess?"; 45- "The Lion King" villains; 46- Side attachment on a cap; 47- Half of a lecher's call; 48- Energy giant bankrupt in 2001; 51- Seat of learning?; 53- Dr. Frankenstein's assistant; 54- Hiker's map, briefly; 55- Fast fliers, now retired; 58- "___ not?";