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Print Puzzle - "50s and 60s" by Bill Hunter on 4/7/2007
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1- fits a mortise to form a joint; 6- two cops in this -12 car; 10- the inner lining of a door opening; 14- sound resulting from pushing a button on a 'Princess' phone(2); 15- Nat King Cole's Mona; 16- healing ooze of succulent plant; 17- Butler to Gomez and Morticia; 18- Root Beer made by mother's partner; 19- learning by memorization; 20- "be vewy, vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits"; 21- electronically obtained literature, briefly and made-up; 22- god of thunder; 23- not needed, extraneous; 26- prefix with thesis, septic, venom; 30- Air Traffic Controller, for short; 31- a hairstyle, for short; 32- the 'say-hey kid'; 33- heroin alternative, for short; 34- knitting or weaving machines; 39- yahoo! in the 60s; 41- Yogi's little buddy; 42- Sea Hunt's Mike Nelson; 43- de-ovarize your dog; 46- pool game where somebody with the ball shouts "Marco"; 47- Gomez's hairy cousin; 49- leased abode, for short; 50- has been observed; 51- labeled by pre-conceived impressions; 57- prefix with chute, normal; 58- Eastwood's Preacher 'Rider'; 59- kinda brownish like earth, or burnt; 64- large vases, frequently with a spigot; 65- Para-Normal Occipital Nuances, caps only; 66- actor; Simon Templar; 67- the family summer travel; 68- 50s singular of Holy Crap!; 69- cook on high heat with the oven door slightly open; 70- positive nays; 71- Stieger, Serling, Taylor; collectively; 72- singing 'in tune' (2);
1- a story 'woven' from fact; 2- E. Tenn. Univ. Lect., abbreviated; 3- always greeted by name entering Cheers; 4- a single occurance, or at one time; 5- goofy 60s jacket with no collar or lapels; 6- cooked not too soft, not so hard; 7- a geographic variation of a language; 8- British version of SONAR; 9- a boat with a sail must be; 10- 60s game of darts in your back yard; 11- Hello, on Hawaii Five-O; 12- what the Brits call what's under your bonnet, here it's an engine; 13- 'Circus Boy' dad, Noah. [Hats off, if you get this one]; 24- object of game starting "Shirley, Shirley, Bo-Birley"; 25- U.N.C.L.E. agent Napolean; 26- Am. Miners. Youth League, for short; 27- wood fastener without threads; 28- a goof made on a typewriter; 29- Culp and Cosby show of the 60s; 35- exclaimed at a goof; 36- double-reeded long clarinet; 37- an in-house spy or traitor; 38- will occur in the near future; 40- Kovac's wife, the Dutch Masters girl; 41- eight bits; 44- the charge carried in the head of a missle; 45- the added supplements or addenda; 48- Cosmo's last name, had a couple of ghosts in his house; 51- plural of spitted stuff?; 52- to wait, or linger, frequently becoming late; 53- cigar toting Mr. Kovacs; 54- files or hones down to a smoother finish; 55- Brando's last dance in Paris; 56- the big-eared flying pachyderm; 60- a.m., briefly and archaic; 61- a bunch of bound pages, at the least; 62- Great Lake; OH, PA, MI; 63- to depend on confidently;