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Print Puzzle - "Science and Babble" by Bill Hunter on 4/6/2007
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1- a useless expenditure of energy; 6- kid retreat; 10- soft bottoms of paws; 14- Microsoft's spreadsheet extraordinaire; 15- not under; 16- to send out, as in heat or light; 17- this bob falls perpendicular; 18- not you, you; 19- vertical measurement of a roof ridge above wall height; 20- allegro, lentissimo, for example; 21- University level instructor, for short; 22- early empire originating in Peru; 23- the sound with 'applying the brakes' on horseback; 25- a plant full of flowers; 27- this Romeo is on the road; 31- a unit of little work; 32- responsible author, for short; 33- inert gas of Broadway; 34- member of a list; 35- 10 make 1; 40- fish dipping sauce; 42- men's hat of 30s-50s; 43- next to thumb; 44- horse 'accelerator'; 47- submarine tactical maneuver, crazy!; 48- depends on the meaning of this word, per Clinton; 50- this 'gets up' along with the hair on the back of your neck; 51- Butterfield's Lullaby of 'lights out'; 52- extravagant in decoration or attire; 56- Brussels based military group; 58- Ms. Brockovich; 59- Intl. Party Of Nerds, briefly; 61- selected from a group; 66- a variation of a color; 67- Eastern Theol. Catechism Inst., for short; 68- chefs, of a lower eschelon, maybe; 69- some software is friendly to; 70- To Sir With Love, artist; 71- to decompress a PK file; 72- a 'buck' in Mexico; 73- the day in Latin, as in sieze it; 74- full of stalks;
1- mourned with tears; 2- connects 2 wheels; 3- floating yuck on a pond; 4- a part-timer, for short; 5- an arm joint; 6- to conduct oneself, a demeanor; 7- mean of arithmetic; 8- a brief notation, briefly; 9- already assembled or constructed; 10- grave risk or danger; 11- acidic building blocks of proteins; 12- 70s glittering ceiling ball; 13- 'gas' for Fulton's engine; 24- inheritance recipient; 26- eight bits; 27- prefix with thesis, septic, venom; 28- not fat; 29- actors Glenn, Harrison; 30- poker's initiation fee; 36- to change, as in text; 37- former Sagan show; 38- build a better one, catch a bigger one; 39- folklore's Brinker; 41- imaginary or real line about which an object spins; 42- guitar note ledge; 45- card game of A-9(alt. spelling); 46- heavy metal 92; 49- hand-held protection; 52- to yield; 53- action following the end of sleep or repose; 54- structure(s) of grape plants; 55- the beginning of a literary work, for short; 57- to happen or come to pass; 60- the spitting sound; 62- to put the final edge on a blade; 63- to leak, as from a sore; 64- the 'row' of the ghetto; 65- a sports award, really?;