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Print Puzzle - "Slight Return" by Dean Rockett on 4/25/2015
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7- Marquess after whom the rules of boxing are named (11); 8- Almond or Bolan, singers (4); 9- Multi-chambered handgun (8); 10- Core, centre of the head of a comet (7); 11- Small mammal similar to a mouse (5); 14- Type of moth sometimes known as a snout moth (5); 15- Language sometimes known as Belgian Dutch (7); 17- Traditional reply to a sneeze (5,3); 20- Fleshy part of the ear (4); 22- Legendary squid-like sea monster (6); 23- Hidden source of misfortune (6);
1- Underwater breathing device (8); 2- Is Latin map a clue in acknowledgement of guilt? (Anagram) (3,5); 3- Burdensome (7); 4- Not below (5); 5- Ruud ___, Dutch footballer who played in the 1974 and 1978 World Cup finals (4); 6- European mountain range (8); 12- Surname of F1 driver Lewis and city in New Zealand (8); 13- Detectives, especially amateur ones (7); 16- Doglike mammal (5); 18- Bait, enticement (4); 19- Fermented rice drink (4); 21- Period of economic prosperity (as opposed to a bust) (4);