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Print Puzzle - "A Man's World?" by Gordon Johnson on 3/22/2015
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1- One in 12 of many a program; 5- Neighbor; 9- Leaves in a book; 14- It's Greek for "I"; 15- Algebra or geometry; 16- Rejoice; 17- Father of Loretta Lynn?; 19- "Same here!"; 20- Ireland's first; 22- PowerPoint pointer; 25- Hokkaido native; 26- Pacific trash collection current; 27- Shout for 12-Down; 28- Newspaper and broadcasting giant; 31- ___ Alamos, N.M.; 32- Solicits votes in the neighborhood; 34- ___ Lo Prison, aka the "Hanoi Hilton"; 36- Together with 37-Across, India's first; 37- See 36-Across; 40- Imitate; 41- Slaughterhouses; 44- Old VCR tape speed; 46- Olympic and Britannic sister ship; 48- Slippery ones can be a shocker; 49- The third one can be a shocker; 51- Kind of jerk; 52- "Steppenwolf" author; 54- Germany's first; 57- Press conference follow up; 58- Some believe in the Bible's; 62- Mature insect; 63- Mexico City's La ___ Rosa; 64- Hiker's map, briefly; 65- Door to door activity; 66- Peron and Mendes; 67- Nicole's beau in "Moulin Rouge";
1- As written; 2- "___ bad!"; 3- BWI posting; 4- ___ d'Or, top prize at Cannes; 5- Mideast chief: Var.; 6- Trees with aerial roots that become trunks; 7- Womb-related; 8- Sovereigns' seats; 9- Prefix with cab and cure; 10- Cutting off; 11- An apt description of the subjects of this puzzle; 12- The foe del matador; 13- Some are rolling; 18- With 30-Down, the United Kingdom's first; 21- Except; 22- Centers of activity; 23- Zen philosopher Watts; 24- Convey a message, or what 11-Down do for the men (and women!) of the world; 29- Fit ___ fiddle; 30- See 18-Down; 33- Big shot; 35- Lennon's widow; 37- Volkswagen hatchback; 38- ___ 567, House of Rep. decision on Benghazi; 39- Wight, for one; 41- Render as a spray; 42- Rocky Squirrel's nemesis Boris; 43- What the Colosseum was; 44- Fallujah residents; 45- Canal country; 47- "This ___ test"; 50- Clich├ęd movie escape route; 53- Fill with joy; 55- Mekong country; 56- Ann. performance indicators for employees; 59- "This instant!"; 60- Tax pro, for short; 61- Hither's partner;