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Print Puzzle - "No Particular Place To Go" by Bill Hunter on 4/3/2007
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1- a pack of 500; 5- member of coupled pair with chairs; 10- to keep for later, sometimes illegally; 14- medical suffix indicates pain; 15- not of this place, country, planet; 16- through(arch.); 17- 50s cocktail of canadian whiskey and horehound, or a Faygo soda; 19- not at the front; 20- the defining, indispensable ingredients of; 21- to be amidst, among; frequently in conquest; 23- to the right of the tens; 24- a gleeful one-legged hop; 25- senior academic or clerical advisor; 28- wing flap controls lift; 32- a white-guy in the 'hood'; 33- base of a leaf stalk; 34- Hort. Inst. Eng., briefly; 35- not under; 36- prefix; above, excited; 38- a rasping instrument, or folder containing related papers; 39- The Exciting Game, for short; 40- floating channel marker; 41- weaved a seat, or beaten with a stick; 42- a speech given; 44- a bunch of dots that end sentences; 46- to reverse an event or assembly; 47- spool that holds a line, as in fishing line; 48- regarded as true, whether or not it is; 51- British? version of low-grade petroleum used in heaters; 55- lake bounded by Ontario, Ohio, et al.; 56- removed from competition, existence, or anything for that matter; 58- archer; split an apple; 59- to put a knot in, again; 60- source of an audio or video broadcast; 61- Napoleon, of U.N.C.L.E.; 62- 'jewel less' bull; 63- TVs golden angel with an atom;
1- red in the middle, when it 'stops jiggling'; 2- mediate amongst the ids, supers, and external world, according to Sigmund; 3- segments of a curve; 4- a new 'do', cosmetics, and outfit; 5- twist, chicken, boogaloo, et al.; 6- most aged of a group; 7- a group of knights; 8- opens a lock; 9- more surreptitious; 10- a colored bar; in a flag e.g.; 11- a form of you, 16th century or so; 12- uttered by or related to the mouth; 13- group of letters convey an idea; 18- irritate, as in a pest; 22- celluloid recording media; 24- fully satisfy; 25- -synthesis, -graphy; 26- probably the most common generic name for a pet dog; 27- last Greek letter; 29- modern horned 'dinosaur'; 30- lubricated; 31- requirements; 33- to observe, secretly; 36- human 'steeplechasers', so to speak; 37- Duncan's simple toy; 38- guaranteed not to miss or suceed; 40- skeletal member; 41- only King of ancient Greece; 43- Van Morrison's honey; 44- infant born in less than 36wks, for short; 45- creepier?; 48- attains, procures; shortly; 49- Black-White-Black cookie; 50- ledge on which a window rests; 51- an old term for a fraudulently 'bounced check'; 52- member of a list; 53- Nat. Elec. Eng. Mfg., for short; 54- a water current as it flows by an object; 57- hits the net, but in play; tennis;