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Print Puzzle - "Sugar Rush" by Gordon Johnson on 3/1/2015
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1- 1,000,000 of these per km.; 4- In the thick of; 8- Mali capital; 14- McKellen of "Lord of the Rings"; 15- Rani's wrap; 16- Some kind of bomb; 17- The kind with fruity drops in a colorful shells; 19- Chunky alternative; 20- Chicanery; 21- Royal naval inits.; 23- Just barely, with "out"; 24- Googler, quite often; 25- The kind with peanuts in chocolate; 28- Calendar column: Abbr.; 29- Follower of Jim and I; 30- Winter needs; 31- To do this is human; 32- Kick; 33- Introduction to logic?; 34- Come from on high; 36- Got, as a bite to eat; 40- GBP or JPY alternative; 41- Invent a word; 42- Clay, today; 43- Cricket or curling; 46- Former Speaker Gingrich; 47- Basics; 48- The kind with yellow tops and white tips; 50- Military attack on minds, not bodies; 51- Reuben bread; 52- Doctors' org.; 53- ___ resemblance (don't look alike at all); 54- Appends to; 57- The kind with caramel drops in chocalatey shells; 59- Hells Angels foes; 60- UN counterpart for IATA; 61- Little piggy; 62- Lace place; 63- 64, to 4; 64- 168 of these per wk.;
1- Mixed up the carbon-14 readings, say; 2- Substantiate, as evidence; 3- The kind with a nougat bar topped with peanuts and covered in chocolate; 4- Moving about; 5- Fountain choice; 6- Rage; 7- Sink sop; 8- ___ profundo; 9- PIN place; 10- Holstein holler; 11- A simple life?; 12- The kind with wafer fingers coated in chocolate; 13- Earthy hues; 18- They make a hoer hotter; 22- "Gone With the Wind" studio; 25- Glue, perhaps; 26- Indian or Arctic; 27- Joint, in stoner slang; 29- Tough spot; 32- Pleasantly pungent; 33- Sandpaper measure; 35- Bean ___ (tofu); 36- Wedding follower; 37- The kind with a nougat bar rolled in peanuts and covered in chocolate; 38- ___ Pasa: Simon & Garfunkel hit; 39- Chucks; 41- Like some pottery class products; 43- Altercation; 44- The kind with a caramel bar covered with salted peanuts; 45- Status near a cliff?; 46- ___ de plume; 47- "A song of love is ___ song ..."; 49- Are able to, Biblically; 50- Orange tea variety; 53- Prattle; 55- Mineo of "Rebel Without a Cause"; 56- Uno, in America; 58- Post-E.R. destination;