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Print Puzzle - "Science and Fiction" by Bill Hunter on 4/1/2007
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1- person or thing that destroys or spoils; 5- approaching closely, but not quite; 9- holds a latchpin on a gatelatch; 13- a test, for short; 14- not ever(archaic); 15- reflected sound; 16- "push-back" exerted on a current in a wire; 19- So be it; 20- Gorbachev coined transparency policy; 21- cunning, astute; 23- event suggesting reduced pricing; 24- Northern Celt; 25- actor; Dr. Ben Casey; 28- principles pertaining to 16; 32- Snow White 'attendant'; 33- Black-White-Black; 34- owned by us; 35- resembling a lot of eels; 36- tendon(alt.); 38- list of items to accomplish; 39- actor Gibson; 40- fully satisfy; 41- to suit or be appropriate; 42- to exonerate; 44- one of the group led by Sam the Sham; 46- Madam, briefly; 47- 'Mad About You' Helen; 48- no yolk, he's not a good one; 51- horizontal + 90deg.; 55- among others, for short; 56- at some indeterminate point in time; 58- how many left when they're all gone; 59- modern Ted Mack "Amateur Hour"; 60- inventor? Goldberg might design a machine to cross the street by going around the block; 61- early 20th century covering of a shoe; 62- object of game starting "Shirley, Shirley, Bo-Birley"; 63- affirmative alternative to nays;
1- chunk of oceanic ice, for short; 2- the 'Beverly Hills Cop' character; 3- agency launches satellites, for short; 4- an agent sent on a mission; 5- stories never before heard; 6- if beanses were a bunch of beans, these would be what's inside; 7- a canvas elevated on poles; 8- mythical monster, usually short, green, but brutal; 9- avoid the 'Black Queen' in this game; 10- Wile E. equipment supplier; 11- Ed Sullivan's 'Really Big' broadcast; 12- rainfed 'lakelet'; 17- rapidly devour, stuff your face(sl.); 18- to abstain, shun, avoid; 22- prefix indicates same, similar, or like; 24- small, open wound; 25- tissue swelling; 26- egghead, nerd, geek; 27- perimeter or interior supports for a roof; 29- alt. spelling of Chinese Okra; 30- the result of reproduced sound; 31- angry, wrathful, or stormy, turbulent; 33- result of combining the many; 36- ferocious and untamed; 37- member of a list; 38- of the third order; 40- by-product of smelting; 41- linguistic link of many S. African peoples; 43- an egg 'fold-over'; 44- a prodigy, briefly; 45- to move violently, out of control; 48- Disraeli, Franklin, Harrison, briefly; 49- not on the bottom; 50- comedic origin of alter-ego Jose Jimenez; 51- one of a series of Hindu writings; 52- Col., Library, Candlestick; 53- ancient Scotland; 54- caustic alkalis, a group of Dranos; 57- Diesel, Scully, wine in Paris;