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Print Puzzle - "Nordic News" by Gordon Johnson on 2/16/2015
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1- Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto ___ i Domènech; 5- Rapper's pad; 9- Loses one's skin?; 14- Like some fails; 15- Hippy dance?; 16- Reagan surgery target, 1985; 17- FIN: "Pitch-Black Netherworlds!"; 19- Gut feeling?; 20- Show the door, with "out"; 21- Run a tab, say; 22- Abstract; 24- Gender insensitive units of labor; 27- Slip through the cracks; 28- Smartphone download; 29- +; 33- Old West wheels; 36- Grandpa Walton portrayer Will; 37- Stop the execution; 38- What you might find on a trip to Scandinavia, but not in this puzzle; 41- What Springsteen was "in the USA"; 42- "The Famous Five" creator Blyton; 43- Many a Hollywood home; 44- Funny little story; 46- Divinity school subj.; 47- Sunny time for "mad dogs and Englishmen"; 48- Lurking about; 53- Plug for travelers?; 56- Rep. and Dem. rival; 57- Some E.R calls, sadly; 58- Meryl Streep's role as a Child; 59- NOR: "Looong Sighs of Relief!"; 62- Smoking a test, say; 63- Former Swedish royal house; 64- Miracle ___; 65- Where seldom is heard a discouraging word; 66- Dawdling; 67- Some drawing props;
1- Belief in a Creator, but not miracles; 2- Would-be sleeper's woe; 3- Compare; 4- Like winter roads at times; 5- What some dogs do to slippers; 6- Monarch; 7- "___ drink to that!"; 8- Dan Aykroyd's fish-grinder, the "___-o-Matic"; 9- Froths, as in waves; 10- SWE: "Sherlock on the Prowl!"; 11- Yosemite monolith; 12- Easter egg artist; 13- Agile, for a senior; 18- Best Director for "The King's Speech" Tom; 23- Grab the throne; 25- DEN: "Golf Legend Walter Getting By!"; 26- Family, genus, ___; 30- Something to get out; 31- Not guys; 32- Where 3M is MMM; 33- Buckwheat noodles; 34- Suffix with neu- and elec-; 35- Epinephrine trademark, for allergic reactions; 36- Ibsen's Peer; 39- Sierra ___; 40- Ferdinand's First Lady; 45- Mental slippage; 46- Models' plane?; 49- Source for news on the street; 50- Snake River state; 51- Like a game with .000 batting; 52- Fights for air; 53- A little cracked?; 54- A duchess' husband, in Italia; 55- Respond, if you please; 60- Thai-Vietnamese go-between?; 61- Leather punch;