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Print Puzzle - "Weird Science" by Bill Hunter on 3/25/2007
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1- "spin" physicist, or formerly Today's Jane; 6- prefix to physics, morphosis; 10- head adornment(2); 14- Ar on The Table; 15- became quickly unemployed; 16- a 'mother' of a find; 17- to research deeply and thoroughly; 18- Pb, poor metal; 19- submarine tactical maneuver, crazy!; 20- this 'sooth' may predict the future; 21- close to beige; 22- preceeding ficial and factor, is good; 23- coagulated soy milk; 25- a dry, red Bordeaux; 27- not fat; 31- 60s conglomeration of "Heath" parts, results in a radio; 32- original 1-calorie cola; 33- to conceal; 34- Bronze, Iron, Dark et al.; 35- large unit of dielectric capacitance, named for 'the father' of electrolysis; 39- Amp. Mod. Equip.; 40- first-person possessive adjective; 41- preposition indicating possession; 42- mined mineral deposit; 43- resembling: kinda-sorta; 45- not odd; 48- excessively concerned with appearance; 49- Eosinophil Cationic Protein, for short; 51- has a lot of Els?; 52- Roentgen's electromagnetic radiation; 53- the gentle persuader; 56- the one after this; 58- at the end of the line; 59- female reproductive cell; 61- O3, in elemental terms; 66- killer 'dolphin'; 67- ceramic or porcelain; 68- park it on a church bench(2); 69- vessel carries O2 depleted blood; 70- incubating/cooking chamber; 71- an outdoor stadium; 72- to change, as in text; 73- empty, when kids are gone; 74- regions of earth named for climate;
1- soft bottoms of paws; 2- w*l, b*h; 3- not pretty; 4- zilch at Wimbledon; 5- non-combining gas or element; 6- if a tasty Ficus fruit had sex types, this would be the guy; 7- to inflict capital punishment; 8- to lacrimate, or rip(homonym); 9- move toward the center of the body; 10- the 41st thief?; 11- stay-in-place flying technique employed by some insects and helicopters; 12- homegrown inhabitant of Denmark(2); 13- scientific principle or dogma, for example; 24- indicated by joined thumb and index; 26- phonetically a hard chuckle; 27- NBA's O'Neal, for short; 28- a Hawaiian god of the dead, or algae used in food; 29- frequently depicted as a lightbulb; 30- not you; 36- tiger 'bark'; 37- opera solo; 38- an opposite to affirm; 40- unknowing experimental participants; 41- SiO2, crystalline quartz formed into cameo; 44- measures elevation above horizon; 46- small terminations of 69; 47- atom defined by its number; 48- a type of nerve gas, for short; 50- positively charged subatomic particle; 53- a crossing knot comprised of two half-hitches; 54- manually propelled a dinghy; 55- basic alph-num char set with some puncts; 57- a crystalline gemstone, Hitchcock film, or small car from Mercury; 60- to live, long live; in France; 62- G-force experienced by any falling object; 63- I Spy(movie) Wilson, brother of Luke; 64- number of electrons in the 9th element, F; 65- anticipated times they will get (t)here;