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Print Puzzle - "Some Fun" by Bill Hunter on 3/22/2007
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1- kid retreat; 5- am ground precip; 8- can do; 13- w*l, b*h/2; 14- manual boat propellant; 15- not fat; 16- one of a zillion suns; 17- US amendment guarantees equality, for short; 18- father of genetics; 19- if a kstat measures a pitcher's strikeouts, this would measure a fielder's errors; 21- audio communication devices; 23- pieces of info; 26- between 2nd and 3rd, briefly; 28- separation of state and state; 30- next to guard; 36- Berkeley Univ.(CA), for short; 38- lack of sophistication or knowledge; 39- basic alph-num char set with some puncts; 43- the can in London; 44- opposite the zenith; 45- describing a group of charged atoms; 46- tri-nitro toluene, boom!; 47- city in Poland, aka Danzig; 49- aka "Painted Leopard"; 52- direction opp. SO, briefly; 54- inheritance recipient; 56- where some felines pick up their young for transport; 60- "Gentle Giants", a dog; 64- mariner, crewman; 65- of similar kind or substance; 68- list of items to accomplish; 69- soothe, calm, pacify. noun or verb; 70- non-truth; 71- not odd; 72- jeans compete with levi's; 73- consumed fuel rate, for short; 74- vocalized a song;
1- unit of 24 beers; 2- belongs to Mr. Linkletter; 3- flesh of an animal; 4- collection of floats and bands; 5- Bambi's mother; 6- friends, Romans, I want to borrow this; 7- enclose in paper, e.g.; 8- nearly; 9- when follows has, is "washed-up"; 10- path between ball and pins; 11- finishes, completes; 12- connects 2 wheels; 20- planned maneuvers; 22- aitch-ess, for short; 24- NFL receiver with a firm butt, for short; 25- post-child; 27- TV 'Coach' Nelson; 29- cheap seats, for short; 31- phylum of worm; 32- Cath. Ath. Assoc.(a freebie); 33- young 25, briefly; 34- Fifty Six, in ancient Rome; 35- hauntingly scary; 37- error, can result in a FUBAR; 40- cut up lawn rolls; 41- RN anesthetist, for short; 42- Intl. Inst. Noc.?(another freebie); 48- ridges or grooves aid gripping a knob; 50- peek without consonants; 51- imagine an ancient Greek who tells stories, give speeches; 53- preposition indicating possession; 55- a sports award, really?; 56- ledge on which a window rests; 57- Col., Library, Candlestick; 58- actor's personification; 59- celluloid 'stage'? for 58; 61- former Sagan show; 62- Genie's Barbara; 63- 74's object of performance; 66- touches another one in a kiss; 67- holds about 7, of 1 down;