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Print Puzzle - "Little This Little That" by Bill Hunter on 3/18/2007
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1- D# schizoid other(1,4); 7- attains, obtains; 11- actress Tea; 12- location, event, time will be forthcoming, for short; 14- opera solo; 15- a visual depiction; 16- military 'cafe'?; 17- most recent Walt Disney successor, Bob; 18- examines, briefly(VERY briefly); 19- temporal expression of a verb; 20- Org. for Obsessive Compulsives, briefly(freebie); 21- a box, squiggly, or 'flaglet' indicating a pause; 22- Inst. for Tone Deafness, for short; 23- this Santa was no jolly guy, hosted the last 'mass' for Crockett, Bowie; 24- snafu, goof, may result in a glitch; 25- woodwind with 2 reeds; 26- to hold, sometimes against one's will; 28- partner to the dad(2); 29- US capitol city, for short; 30- Courtney or Kurt, one may be actually near Nirvana; 31- an apartment renter; 32- marketing 'slogan' pushing non-Rx drugs; 33- 'relationship'? aardvark has with ants; 34- a fake duck; 35- this N.O. 'parade' may involve 9; 37- a merchantile, for short; 38- Clouseau's manservant, "Not Now..."; 42- compound gas mostly N2, O2, Ar; 43- a cow's call(a real stretch); 45- rooted in follicles; 46- Bill and this guy's Excellent Adventure; 48- fiddled about a 'bonfire'; 49- request a hidden card, down and; 50- Norwegian Accords assured? everyone would get along; 51- this 'gets up' along with the hair on the back of your neck; 52- 'Gay' plane with a big bomb; 53- Come Sail Away, Fooling Yourself, Lady, et al.; 54- Nixon V.P. for a while;
1- a brew, magical healing tonic; phonetically, at least; 2- this 'fatale' usually entraps some bozo; 3- the 'consideration' of promissory notes; 4- that feeling of dread or apprehension; 5- male neck adornment, of no particular purpose; 6- a stun gun; 7- the chicken in Cantonese food; 8- office furniture designed to maximize productivity; 9- go on a one-time bender or binge, figuratively; 10- comedic taunt or mockery; 12- attaches muscle to bone; 13- Boy Scout Soc., briefly(a freebie); 16- Measurement System based on 1000; 19- a rampage resulting from 51; 23- single squeeze of the heart; 24- 19th Century 'knock-out' drug, frequently applied with a rag; 25- Yahoo!, Great Balls of Fire!, Holy Moley!, or ...; 26- demeanor of Snidley Whiplash; 27- crooked letters, loosely; 28- maker of trendy Scion; 29- most exhausted; 30- clock, or nuts; 31- smooth or slurred transitioning of notes(pl.); 32- if you 'Be PBS', you will...; 36- needle test to examine 'birth fluid', shortly; 38- cha- sound of a cash register taking your money; 39- 755 Henry; 40- Mr., Ms., Mrs.; 41- 3rd option of axis rotation of a plane: pitch, roll,... (2,3); 44- archaic or contracted 'over'; 47- White, Red, or once Black. Baseball teams; 49- protects us from bad meds, for short;