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Print Puzzle - "Sorrow" by Pat Foley on 3/18/2007
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1- Solo act; 11- A dessert; 15- To be the best you must ___ to the rest (2 words); 16- Slang for 'isn't'; 17- To be this is like having a daydream; 18- A horse's gait; 19- Exhausted; 20- A parcel of land; 21- One of three popular Korean beers; 22- It is found on beaches; 23- Abbreviation perhaps for 'across'; 24- A writing instrument; 25- Civil or military Turkish leaders; 27- A type of identification carried or worn on one's person; 30- Bind by an obligation; 34- Remembrance services; 36- Tailor; 38- Where Anne Frank hid during the war; 39- The most lackluster, often pertaining to skin; 40- A sledge or sledge runner used in a mine; 41- Lucifer; 43- A type of Nintendo game ROMS; 44- A sis or bro is one; 45- This Vietnam village, along with the village of My Lai, where the 1968 massacre took place (2 words); 49- An informal term for a father; 51- A female name; 53- ___-juii, the ideology Korea followed during the Chosôn dynasty; 54- Open ____ of worms (2 words); 55- The property of being fit to eat; 57- Elegance by virtue of being fashionable; 58- ___ ribbon round the old oak tree (3 words); 59- Daly from "Judging Amy"; 60- ____ love (what a mother gives a child, 2 words);
1- Death notices, for short; 2- A funeral song, an elegy, lamentation; 3- Northeast region of Thailand also known as Isan; 4- Put or kept within walls; 5- Copied; 6- A U.S. state, for short; 7- Break; 8- Warship that carries planes; 9- Black in France; 10- Old English word for 'endure'; 11- A large and important church; 12- A duct that admits air; 13- Boy Scouts learn to tie this; 14- Suffix denoting female gender; 23- Representative; 24- Homer, also known by this nickname; 25- Hard fine-grained semiprecious stones; 26- This Chinese Dynasty lasted from 580-618 A.D; 28- Types of beer; 29- Purebred rescue group in Toronto (abbr); 30- On-Site Sewage Treatment System (acronym); 31- A small Minnesota city; 32- How one might suffer; 33- How I move my feet on stage (2 words); 35- A small Asian country; 37- Speak ill of, slang; 42- Add boiling water to this in a cup, for a nice hot brew; 45- The 17th period of the Chinese calendar beginning October 8th; 46- One may buy meats and cheeses at this (2 words); 47- A craftsman who works with stone or brick; 48- ___ have no bananas (2 words); 49- An accord or treaty; 50- Billy's song, 'My __ breaky heart'; 51- Hebrew male's name; 52- ___ hard sports fan (2 words) may wear the team's colors; 53- Children should be ____ and not heard; 56- A caustic solution used in soap making;