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Print Puzzle - "Pints at the Pub" by Pete Griffith on 6/27/2014
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1- For this puzzle, it is "Beer"; 6- International Beer brand owned by Carlsberg named for a Scandanavian toasting word equivalent to "cheers!"; 10- Beer brand established by Gettelman in 1895 now made by Miller Brewing Co., "Milwaukee's ___"; 14- Embarrass; 15- Sludge; 16- Mimicker; 17- A leading American Beer brand originally adapted from the recipe for 'Gablinger's Diet Beer' intentionally misspelled; 19- Not prerecorded; 20- Caught congers; 21- Telegrams; 23- Leading manufacturer of hockey equipment for NHL players; 25- American Beer maker who in 1873 founded a brewery in Golden, CO & later leaped to his death from a hotel window; 28- Milne bear; 30- Singer ___ King Cole; 31- Shrewd; 32- A 'non-alcohol' Beer brand brewed by 37 Across which actually retains a small amount (0.50% by volume) of alcohol; 35- The theme of this puzzle; 37- The largest brewing company in America (49.2% share of market) with flagship brand marketed as "The King of Beers"; 42- Popular German lager Beer brand brewed by Beck's in Bremen, famous for its beautiful spokesmodels, "St. Pauli ___"; 43- Site of Jacob's ladder dream; 45- Frustrating; 49- ___ Aviv; 51- Prefix with space; 52- Beer brand brewed by the Boston Beer Co, named for an American patriot known for his role in the Boston Tea Party; 56- Knock the socks off; 57- Cook too long; 58- Birthplace of Columbus; 60- Thickness measurement for plastic bags, perhaps; 61- American Beer brand established in 1844 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, "Pabst ___"; 66- "Momo" author Michael; 67- Grizzly; 68- Meat for fajitas; 69- Recite a written speech; 70- Swerves at sea; 71- Things to be sowed;
1- Tartan cap; 2- Kimono sash; 3- 'Craft beer' brand created by a brewer at Coors Field Sandlot Brewery; 4- Ireland: The Emerald ___; 5- Claw of an arthropod (and popular slang term for Beer in Mexico and Peru); 6- Won over to; 7- Ornamental carp; 8- Imperial unit of measure for precious metals (e.g., gold & silver); 9- Bloodsucking parasite; 10- Explorer who founded the first permanent European settlement on the mainland of the Americas (in present day Panama); 11- Postscript; 12- Extremely harsh; 13- Abounding in locks of hair; 18- Originally brewed by Lett's Brewery in 1864, this lager is now sold in the U.S. by MillerCoors as "Killian's Irish ___"; 22- Grow, as with interest; 23- U.S.N. noncom rank; 24- Musical finale; 26- According to a 1986 US law, all Beer sold in America must be clearly ___ with a health/safety warning.; 27- Wing: Prefix; 29- "Say what?"; 33- Having limbs used for locomotion; 34- ___ generis (unique); 36- Subside; 38- Mex. miss; 39- R.R. stop; 40- Adjective sometimes used to describe the extra-thick quality of Guinness Extra Stout Beer; 41- Submarine sandwich; 44- Depressed; 45- Molecule with similar formula but different structure; 46- Gorge; 47- Mrs. Marcos of the Philippines; 48- Cared for; 50- Beers that are fermented and conditioned at low temperatures, including Bocks and Pilsners; 53- Group trying to influence legislation; 54- French sea; 55- Trims; 59- Double-reed woodwind; 62- Meadow; 63- Motor City labor org.; 64- First brewed in 1890, then re-introduced in 1955 as a value-priced Beer by Schlitz Brewing Co., "___ Milwaukee"; 65- Discouraging words;