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Print Puzzle - "NASA - To The Moon!" by Pete Griffith on 5/10/2014
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1- Police dept. alerts; 5- Basic units of the elements; 10- Hole-punchers; 14- Extreme roller coaster feature; 15- Cartoonist Wilson; 16- "That's one small step for man, one giant ___ for mankind." - NASA's first words from the moon; 17- NASA probe launched in 1977 which is now the farthest man-made object from Earth; 19- Actress Lollobrigida or Gershon; 20- NASA astronaut known as "Buzz" who was the 2nd man on the moon, moments after 59 Down; 21- In its liquid form it is the signature fuel of NASA space programs, using 10 million lbs. annually; 23- Golf hazard; 25- Hyperbolic trig function; 26- Cavity in the head; 29- Merger of the Russian Mir-2 and NASA Freedom platforms, now the largest artificial satellite in orbit; 32- Passé; 35- First American to travel into space during NASA's 1961 Freedom 7 mission; 38- Bigger than med.; 39- Dash's partners in Morse Code; 40- Poetry Muse; 41- Sea swallow; 42- Sumerian sky god; 43- NASA's unmanned mission to the Red Planet launched in 2001, named in honor of an Arthur C. Clarke novel; 45- Type of motor that provides feedback, as with many of NASA's robotics; 47- Relative of an ostrich; 48- Tobacco kilns; 49- A noble gas, element #10; 51- Between "hump day" and "TGIF".; 53- Like the size of the universe itself in many theoretical models after NASA's WMAP mission; 57- Three bright stars appearing evenly spaced in a straight line, commonly known as "___ Belt"; 61- Helix; 62- NASA's Space Shuttle that broke apart 73 seconds after take-off in 1986, resulting in the deaths of the crew; 64- Roof overhang; 65- Like cornstalks; 66- Made a touchdown; 67- Tool building; 68- Feature of the planet Saturn closely studied by NASA's Cassini mission; 69- Actress Ward of "The Fugitive";
1- Thomas Edison's middle name; 2- "Cement pond"; 3- Woody's last name in the show, "Cheers"; 4- Spacecraft for scientific research launched and recovered from several NASA shuttle missions; 5- The most used upper rocket stage in NASA's history with over 350 launched between 1959 and 1987; 6- La Brea goo; 7- "Oops!"; 8- Oodles; 9- Trims; 10- Kossuth County seat, and Iowa birthplace of Fox News' Steve Doocy; 11- How NASA astronauts feel when in orbit; 12- Highway division; 13- Bridge; 18- They give cooties to little boys; 22- Main character and narrator in Lorna Doone; 24- NASA Astronaut, Thuot who once held a US record for longest space walk; 26- Sweet "nothings" south of the border; 27- Solo; 28- NASA's only rocket ever to launch humans beyond a low-earth orbit, used in every Apollo mission; 30- Involuntary twitch; 31- Scratched from the lineup; 33- White heron; 34- France's patron saint; 36- "Isn't ___ bit like you and me?" (Beatles lyric); 37- Twilight Zone host, Serling; 41- Russian empresses; 43- President Kennedy's stated goal/destination for NASA before the end of the 60's; 44- Donald Trump TV phrase, "___ Fired!"; 46- Partially concealed; 50- More decent; 52- Storage areas for cargo on NASA shuttle missions; 53- Constituents of many comets; 54- Ark builder; 55- Spicy cuisine; 56- Take home; 58- Gawk at; 59- First name in NASA's prestigious list of astronauts who have been to the moon; 60- Mexican Ms.; 63- Drumstick order;