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Print Puzzle - "Classic TV SitComs" by Pete Griffith on 4/12/2014
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1- Rejoice; 6- Classic TV SitCom, "Who's the ___?"; 10- Fly off the handle; 14- Chopper blade; 15- Mine entrance; 16- "Ciao!"; 17- Tropical fruit; 18- Singer Horne; 19- Destroy; 20- One of Betty White's many Classic TV SitComs, costarring three other Emmy-winning actresses; 23- Classic TV SitCom, "The Fresh Prince of ___-Air"; 24- Barney Fife's job in the Classic TV SitCom, Mayberry RFD; 25- Classic TV SitCom inspired by a Neil Simon play about two divorced men sharing an apartment; 31- Large species of eel; 32- Charge; 33- Chum; 36- Radiate; 37- Command for the band to start playing; 38- Sony's VCR system; 39- Maiden name preceder; 40- Odd-numbered page; 41- Cuban-born Classic TV SitCom star who played Ricky Ricardo with his wife, 6 Down; 42- Classic TV SitCom spin-off of Happy Days, featuring the previously unknown talents of Robin Williams; 44- What a renter must sign; 47- Excavated; 48- Classic TV SitCom staged mostly in the office and apartment of a Chicago psychologist; 54- Pugilist's weapon; 55- Infinitesimal amount; 56- Fred Mertz's wife on the Classic TV SitCom starring 6 Down and 41 Across; 58- Square footage; 59- Classic TV SitCom starring Marlo Thomas as "___ Girl"; 60- WWII campaign poster subject, "___ the Riveter"; 61- Uncle ___ Rice; 62- Expectant desire; 63- Use cocaine?;
1- Unit of energy; 2- Strike, from a list perhaps; 3- The Beehive State; 4- This classic TV SitCom featured a captain, bartender, Doc and Gopher for 9 full seasons; 5- Calamity; 6- The first lady of Classic TV SitComs, married to 41 Across; 7- Took too much LSD; 8- Cosecant's reciprocal; 9- Hold firm; 10- Narrow band; 11- The second smallest recognized nation in the world by population (behind Vatican City); 12- Leaning; 13- Sissy; 21- Elderly; 22- Moolah; 25- Counterfeit hunters; 26- Classic TV SitCom, "___ Improvement"; 27- Niagara River source; 28- Pain in the neck?; 29- "I'm ___ here!"; 30- Merger; 33- Sean, ex-husband of Madonna; 34- Not very much; 35- Slothful; 37- Enclosed in this correspondence; 38- First play the 'Eugene Trilogy' by Neil Simon, "___ Beach Memoirs"; 40- Betty White's character in 20 Across; 41- Comedians, clowns and jesters; 42- Largest rays; 43- Banned insecticide; 44- British Classic TV SitCom from the BBC, now with a cult following in the US, for short; 45- France's longest river; 46- Actor who portrayed Uncle Jed Clampett on the Classic TV SitCom, The Beverly Hillbillies; 49- "Oh, very funny!"; 50- It is needed to serve beer from a keg; 51- Give a grade to; 52- Extremely; 53- Small dam; 57- Allow;