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Print Puzzle - "U.S. State Capitals" by Pete Griffith on 4/5/2014
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1- Boston is the Capital of this US State in the northeastern U.S.; 5- Freeze over; 10- Bird in Egyptian heiroglyphics; 14- Iris's place; 15- French philosopher who developed positivism; 16- Scruff; 17- This US State Capital has the smallest population of them all and doesn't even have a McDonald's; 19- Corvette's convertible alternative; 20- Sells for less than competitors; 21- Specter; 22- Condemns; 23- Normandy town; 24- "If I Ruled the World" rapper who feuded with Jay-Z; 27- Mafia; 28- Hungarian stew with tomatoes, onions and paprika; 31- Suffix meaning "city" in Persian used in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India; 33- This southern State Capital was mentioned by Grand Funk in "We're an American Band"; 35- Sacs for embryos; 37- A year in San Juan?; 38- A playing card with two pips; 39- The Capital of the only US State to have its sovereignty proclaimed by a President (Lincoln); 42- Site of the Taj Mahal; 43- Famous Ottawa Indian chief who attacked the British at Fort Detroit; 44- Period; 46- Suffix with Caesar or Euclid; 47- Hue; 48- They are taken in tubs; 50- Make amends; 52- Permissiveness; 56- Heredity unit; 57- This US Capital is the only one that is home to a former royal palace; 58- The U.S. is called, "Les États-___ d'Amérique" in French; 59- Actress Ryan of "The Beverly Hillbillies"; 60- Actress Barbara of "I Dream of Jeannie"; 61- Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Slaughter; 62- West Pointer; 63- "Miracle" baseball team of 1969;
1- Hawaiian sun dress; 2- Shakespeare's river in Stratford; 3- Transmit; 4- Filled to excess; 5- calm and in control; 6- This Capital is home to the Army's Ft. Jackson in the Palmetto State; 7- Sends out; 8- College athletes in Salt Lake City; 9- ___ capita; 10- "Well, I just happened to be ___ ..."; 11- This Capital, one of many with French origins, is one of two states that do not have counties; 12- Banner events on Wall Street; 13- 30 days hath this Labor Day mo.; 18- High school dance; 21- Like some upscale communities; 23- Sacramento is the Capital of this western US state; 24- African-American civil rights org.; 25- Unit of electrical conductance (in the EMU-CGS system); 26- Early capital of Spanish Texas and site of historic mission/fort, The Alamo; 28- Was by one's self; 29- Capital city of Ghana in western Africa; 30- Double-edged dagger; 32- Outstanding trait of Charlie Brown's friend, Pig-Pen; 34- Atlanta-based TV station; 36- Dress style with a flare; 40- Wolf down; 41- Small folded card for writing on; 45- Drive-___ window; 48- Filleted; 49- Capital of the only state with a two-sided flag using different designs on each side; 50- Malaria symptom; 51- "Music City" is the nickname of this US state's capital; 52- Japanese codeword for the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941; 53- In the buff; 54- Country music legend, "Mr. Guitar" Atkins; 55- One in Berlin; 57- A drunk's sound in comic strips;