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Print Puzzle - "Famous Scientists" by Pete Griffith on 3/26/2014
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1- Sired, biblically speaking; 6- One of two scientists to receive the Nobel Prize in two different fields, ___ Pauling; 11- Disease that has paralyzed the scientist in 20 Across requiring him to use a speech synthesis device to communicate; 14- Actress Massey who starred in Love Happy with the Marx Brothers; 15- Turn away; 16- Theologian's subj.; 17- Rwandan people; 18- San ___, Calif.; 19- Chinese "way"; 20- Theoretical physicist who focuses on black holes and author of the best-seller, "A Brief History of Time"; 23- Flour grinders; 24- Sports grp. responsible for the U.S. Open hardcourt championship each year; 25- Alternative format to .MP4 and .MOV; 26- Seventeenth century physicist and mathematician who formulated the laws of motion and universal gravity; 31- Lots of bucks?; 33- Queen Isabella's title in Toledo; 34- Early American scientist, inventor and founding father who created the first bifocals and the lightning rod; 39- Co-winner of the 1933 Nobel Prize with Schrodinger who predicted the existence of antimatter; 40- Rewards for good service; 43- Serbian-American scientist and inventor best known for his work with alternating current electrical systems; 49- Common article; 50- Garden land west of Nod; 51- Women may pluck theirs with tweezers; 53- German-born physicist who developed the General Theory of Relativity and won the Nobel Prize in 1922; 58- Confederate soldier, for short; 59- Leading twentieth-century biologist, ___ Mayr, who furthered Darwin's work on evolution and genetics; 60- Greek god of the underworld; 62- The first "T" of TNT; 63- Like Van Gogh, perhaps?; 64- Swelling; 65- Suffix for sugars; 66- Exalt on high; 67- Actress Winona;
1- One-eigthth of a byte; 2- Hard to pin down; 3- German scientist, inventor and industrialist credited with the invention of the automobile engine, Daimler; 4- B&W photographer, Adams; 5- Chiang Kai-shek's capital; 6- San Diego suburb; 7- 1904 Nobel Prize winner, ___ Pavlov, for his work in Classical Conditioning Responses; 8- Neighbor of Ger. & Belg.; 9- Natural waste product used in fertilizers; 10- Put on board; 11- Sculptor; 12- Shanty; 13- Motto; 21- Personnel dept.'s; 22- Country invaded by Saddam Hussein; 23- Like some evil scientists?; 27- Like the Indy 500 or the Kentucky Derby?; 28- Old English torch rune; 29- Suffix with 'beat', 'neat' or 'Sput'; 30- Ranks like Corporal or Sgt., for example; 32- Made over; 35- Zilch; 36- Monk's title; 37- Lab animal that a scientist might use in a maze experiment; 38- Case-hardened, as with steel; 41- Speech sound; 42- Stitch up; 43- Close by; 44- Goof-offs; 45- Scottish walking staff; 46- Watch guard; 47- World War I battle in Flanders region; 48- Aristotle's "fifth element" from classical physics; 52- Like some eyes; 54- Philosopher, mathematician and key figure of the scientific revolution, Descartes; 55- 1982 Disney Sci-Fi film; 56- Hydrocarbon suffixes; 57- Author Dinesen; 61- A period of 9 years and 5 days, used by early astronomers in predicting eclipses;