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Print Puzzle - "Classic Cartoons - Episode 2" by Pete Griffith on 3/12/2014
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1- Classic Cartoon collection from Warner Bros., "Looney ___"; 6- Involuntary twitch; 11- Blanc, the voice talent behind Bugs, Daffy, Porky and so many other Classic Cartoon characters; 14- Pontificate; 15- Classic Cartoon son of George and Jane Jetson; 16- "Evil Woman" band, for short; 17- Oscar-winning Classic Cartoon inspired by W.C. Fields & voiced by Jim Backus as a nearsighted retiree; 19- Worldwide financial organization based in D.C.; 20- Easiest camera setting; 21- Singer ___ King Cole; 22- Three to a yard; 23- Last name of Classic Cartoon girlfriend of Popeye the Sailorman; 25- Classic Cartoon dog with a blue complexion and a pronounced southern drawl, ___ Hound; 28- Web crawler, for example; 29- Phoenix to Albuquerque direction; 30- Neighbor of Penn and NJ; 31- Bachelor's last words; 32- Classic Cartoon canine lawman from the deep south, Deputy ___; 35- Assisted; 39- Classic Cartoon adventures of a penguin, voiced by Don Adams, and his walrus friend Chumley; 43- Catch some Z's; 44- Carve into metal; 45- Butt; 46- "Scream" director Craven; 48- "Plop" preceder in comic book sounds; 50- College dept. focusing on liberal arts; 51- Classic Cartoon nemisis of the Road Runner and the best customer of 59 Across; 56- Calendar square; 57- Cake decorator; 58- Classic Cartoon, "The Great Grape ___ Show"; 59- The company that supplied most of the products used by 51 Across; 61- Grazing spot; 62- Classic Cartoon about a stone age family and their neighbors; 66- 60 sec.; 67- Fashion designer, Oscar de la ___; 68- "That does it... I'm ___ here!"; 69- Classic Cartoon insect hero with the catch-phrase: "Up, and at 'em Atom ___!"; 70- Backward; 71- Hem again;
1- Jerry's Classic Cartoon feline partner; 2- Spoon-bending psychic, Geller; 3- Quality in the voice of Top Cat, Wilma Flintstone or Charlie Brown, for example; 4- "___, Brute?"; 5- Boil with rage; 6- One term at the Univ.; 7- Where disobedient pirates are forced to walk?; 8- Largest of wild sheep species, usually found in the Himalayas; 9- Like many exhausted fire fighters before cleaning up; 10- Muscle: Prefix; 11- Getty Center architect Richard; 12- Classic Cartoon foe of Bugs Bunny, the hunter ___ Fudd; 13- Grand, as with some goals; 18- Bullets; 22- Classic Cartoon cat who often bested The Professor and Rock Botton with his bag of tricks; 23- Final notices; 24- Alpine warble; 26- Terminate; 27- Bridges of Los Angeles County; 33- Moist; 34- One insurance company's spokeslizard; 36- Grave occupants; 37- Patsy's pal on "Absolutely Fabulous"; 38- Like Classic Cartoon father and son duo, Augie and Daddy; 40- More modern; 41- Fencing blade; 42- Greek consonants; 47- Tackle box gizmo; 49- Church official; 51- Fred's wife from 62 Across; 52- Strand, in a way; 53- Rested against a support; 54- Think out loud; 55- "Fiddler on the Roof" role; 60- Grimace; 62- Monk's title; 63- Feather's partner; 64- Summer on the Seine; 65- Wood-cutting tool;