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Print Puzzle - "U.S. Presidents - Part 5" by Pete Griffith on 3/5/2014
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1- The maximum number of times a person may be elected to be US President since the 22nd amendment; 6- Prevaricators; 11- Military rank of Mr. North mentioned in 42 Across; 14- Places to find dates in the Sahara?; 15- Medical prefix for bone; 16- Nickname from one of the most iconic campaign slogans in presidential election history; 17- The only US President to be a Rhodes Scholar, and one of two to be impeached by Congress; 19- Actress Vardalos of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"; 20- Flag carrier of Israel; 21- Like draft beer; 22- Air force heroes; 23- Chapter in history; 25- Yo-yo Ma, for example; 27- The first US President to take the oath of office in an airplane, he died less than a mile from his birthplace; 32- Width of size 14 shoes worn by 48 Across (largest of all US Presidential footwear); 33- Lawn invader; 34- Proscriptions; 37- Open mouths; 39- Regards; 42- Former secretary to Oliver North who testified in the Iran-Contra hearings, Hall; 43- Not a liability; 45- Vision: Prefix; 47- Actress Carrere of Wayne's World fame; 48- The first US President to ride to his inauguration in an automobile travelled to Alaska with a coffin for his ill wife, just in case; 52- Debris from a shipwreck; 54- Spelling contest; 55- Corn units; 56- Goddess of the hearth and home; 59- A US President in his second term is known as a "___ duck"; 63- Used with blasting caps, fuses, etc.; 64- The 33rd US President who had an initial but no middle name, was shown in a famous photo with a newspaper announcing his "defeat"; 66- The first word in President Kennedy's famous German quote during his Berlin speech.; 67- Texas A & M student; 68- Decree; 69- Actress, Susan, of "The Partridge Family"; 70- President Reagan's second Attorney General; 71- Relinquishes;
1- First two words of Hamlet's soliloquy; 2- Cry out; 3- Madonna's "La ___ Bonita"; 4- An amoeba is a single-___ organism; 5- Upper-left keyboard key; 6- Pork cut; 7- "___ It Romantic?"; 8- Connect; 9- Look into again, as with a cold case file; 10- The 6th US President, to the 2nd (or the 43rd to the 41st); 11- Ohio birthplace of US President William H. Taft; 12- Folks from Muskogee, for example; 13- Smallest amount; 18- Advanced; 22- Standoffish; 24- Propel a canoe; 26- What Timothy Leary tripped on; 27- Champagne Tony of golf; 28- Affirmative votes; 29- Sufficiently interesting to make the front page; 30- "Turn to the right side", as opposed to 'haw'; 31- Ancient Greek theater; 35- Identical sibling; 36- Unforeseen difficulty; 38- Keisters; 40- Speedometer letters; 41- "Take a ___ it." (Try to do it); 44- ___-80 (old Radio Shack computer); 46- Miner's lode; 49- Lay waste; 50- Issue forth; 51- Deceive; 52- Rank; 53- Spear; 57- Hindu titles; 58- Chinook salmon; 60- In the thick of; 61- Riot spray; 62- Tolkien forest creatures; 64- Green eggs partner; 65- Video camera button;