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Print Puzzle - "Dear Leader" by AVXWords on 3/2/2014
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1- Fitzgerald in an old Memorex commercial; 5- Pinkberry alternative; 9- Garment banned in French schools; 14- In a relationship, with "down"; 15- It has banks in Switzerland; 16- Sign above a studio door; 17- Obnoxious young Civic driver?; 19- 45 degrees, say; 20- Byrne's collaborator on "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts"; 21- Clean litter for a weekend, say; 23- "___, She Wolf of the SS"; 24- Park neighbor, often; 26- Single word on the last line of a paragraph, say; 28- Lagers with a macabre twist?; 31- SLR camera setting; 32- Matzah ___ (fried Yiddish dish); 33- Major supporters of the ACA; 34- "I'm Just a ___" ("Schoolhouse Rock!" song); 37- Morning radio program moniker; 38- "Slow Churned" brand; 39- You might direct yours at someone; 40- Pitcher in a museum, say; 42- Pirate's quaff; 44- Food that's either cooked or not cooked, tasty or not tasty?; 49- What you eat; 50- Offer water and light, say; 52- Thom ___ shoes; 53- 1962 Kubrick adaptation; 56- Where people are managed after heart attacks, briefly; 57- Spanish football powerhouse, familiarly; 59- Sight in a botanist's horror movie?; 61- Rhyming poet Nash; 62- Sans opposite; 63- Scheme; 64- Basil-based sauce (though you can also use peas or garlic scapes); 65- BuzzFeed offering; 66- Uses a needle, in a way [ has the top indie puzzles - check it out];
1- Old-timey anesthetic; 2- Big name in small trains; 3- Chinese laptop maker; 4- Work on one's figures?; 5- RedHot alternative; 6- The second-oldest living ex-president; 7- Rack supporters; 8- Legendarily giant white dude; 9- Reggae legend, to fans; 10- Like the papaya used in Thai som tam; 11- Where a line ends, in shipping; 12- Rock and roll fan club since 1975; 13- Hope's home; 18- Landowning count?; 22- Modern pledge drive premium; 25- Foul by a mile?; 27- ___ Baseball (classic NES game); 29- Straightforward multiple choice options; 30- 1970s basketball haircut, casually; 34- Korean rice dish; 35- Rationality, metaphorically, to Max Weber; 36- 1980s fitness video one-pieces; 37- "Your Moment of ___"; 38- Arab chief; 40- "Oh, please kill that bug"; 41- Egyptian Revolution figure Ghonim; 42- Metaphorical reading to a misbehaving kid; 43- Daily order, with "the"; 45- Surgeon's blade; 46- Makes one; 47- She played Virginia in "The Hours"; 48- It's a matter of trust; 51- 'Nam-era choppers; 54- Gem mined in Brazil; 55- Israeli tribe leader; 58- One has cuatro seasons; 60- Navigation device, briefly;