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Print Puzzle - "U.S. Presidents - Part 4" by Pete Griffith on 2/25/2014
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1- This US President was buried in the largest mausoleum in North America; 6- Coin bearing the face of US President Franklin Roosevelt; 10- Insult; 14- Lord Montague's son; 15- Like many golf tournaments; 16- Radiate; 17- Back of the boat; 18- Plunder; 19- Overdue; 20- The oldest US President to be elected into office was known to stock jellybeans in the Oval Office; 23- "What ___, chopped liver?"; 25- "...___ he drove out of sight..."; 26- First month of the year, south of the border; 27- The 12th US President, nicknamed "Old Rough & Ready" died in office after eating bad cherries; 32- Hokkaido port; 33- Tones; 34- U-Haul rentals, perhaps; 35- Bottle stoppers; 37- Muslim holy man; 41- Sussex river where author Virginia Woolf drowned herself; 42- 27 Across was the last US President to own one while in office; 43- The 7th US President and hero of the Battle of New Orleans was 1st to be targeted for assassination; 47- Cause for a blessing?; 49- Rope-a-dope boxer; 50- Cries of pain; 51- The 28th US President and leader of the progressive movement was the first to attend a World Series; 56- Oil used to anoint the feet of Jesus; 57- FDR's sweeping domestic programs were collectively known as the "New ___"; 58- Richard Nixon's disgraced V.P., who resigned and was replaced by Gerald; 61- Otherwise; 62- Challenge; 63- Like Cheerios; 64- One who colors fabric; 65- Dog-powered transport; 66- Scarlett's love;
1- Synthetic substitute for natural rubber used by the US during WWII; 2- Deteriorate; 3- You must be a naturally born one to become a US President; 4- He reportedly fiddled while Rome burned; 5- Removable cover for the back seat of a convertible; 6- Wife of US President James Madison, credited with saving Washington's portrait from White House fire in 1814; 7- Modern version of the Sony Walkman; 8- Cat call?; 9- ___'acte (intermission); 10- Middle name of the longest serving US President mentioned in 6 Across; 11- Device for taking photos from space; 12- Ravi Shankar's instrument at Woodstock; 13- Shorthand... for short; 21- Airport monitor column after DEP.; 22- Fish caught in pots; 23- World's shallowest sea, just northwest of Sochi, Russia; 24- ___ Hari, the exotic dancer executed as a German spy in France during WWI; 28- Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte cop movie, "48 ___"; 29- Flung; 30- Diving bird; 31- Affirmative answer; 35- Scoundrel; 36- Sugar suffix; 37- Variety; 38- Paneling material; 39- Affirm; 40- Room for guys only; 41- Stench; 42- Clip, as with coupons; 43- What Richard III reportedly offered his kingdom for; 44- Silent approver; 45- Put behind bars; 46- Last word in the Pledge of Allegiance; 47- Bristled; 48- Like anthracite miners after a long day's work; 52- Chances; 53- A body mark received on the whippin' post; 54- Commodity; 55- Brightly colored fish; 59- Emeritus: Abbr.; 60- Neighbor of Que. & Man.;