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Print Puzzle - "Logical Connections" by AVXWords on 2/22/2014
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1- Marks of experience, as it were; 6- "Your play"; 11- Where Putin got his professional start; 14- Site of a Vietnam War atrocity; 15- Multilayered cake; 16- Dope; 17- Hockey delay tactic; 18- Jefferson Memorial column type; 19- Earn after expenses; 20- Crisis following the breakup of Guns N' Roses, the Eagles, and Mötley Crüe?; 23- NPR's "Weekend ___"; 24- Human tail?; 25- Horror movie set at the dry cleaner?; 31- Like pork rinds; 35- Dealbreakers: Abbr.?; 36- Jazz singer Anderson; 37- Bend in a tutu; 38- Choice words swapped in this puzzle's theme answers; 40- Jazz singer Simone; 41- Spengler who is the first to spot the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man; 42- Source of hair on one's furniture; 43- "Liquor is quicker" poet Nash; 44- Tour manager for gummy bears and M&M's?; 48- On top of everything else; 49- Superglues, say; 54- What the host of "Deal or No Deal" eats to make the gold suitcases look, like, *extra* gold?; 58- Band whose "Man on the Moon" is a tribute to Andy Kaufman; 59- Bureau that provides sports stats; 60- Southern Caribbean island known for scuba diving; 61- With 62-Across, what an R specifies; 62- See 61-Across; 63- Sites of some cosmetic surgeries; 64- "Low Rider" band; 65- Not on the up-and-up; 66- Surge of water [ has the top indie puzzles - check it out];
1- "I'm shooting you now"; 2- Ancient tropical tree; 3- Suspect's excuse; 4- Prepared to tackle; 5- Play the dozens; 6- "Say ___ So" (Hall & Oates); 7- Bear associated with Disney; 8- River in view in "Room With a View"; 9- Begin to leave one's dreams behind?; 10- 7-G, for Homer Simpson; 11- Michelangelo sculpture subject; 12- Show featuring the New Directions; 13- Sandwich that can be made vegetarian with fakon; 21- 1950 film noir classic; 22- Putting on; 26- Beef up; 27- Summer sign; 28- Body part that may have a spacer; 29- Number before Lives or West, in brand names; 30- One with a list on campus; 31- What freelancers usually submit on; 32- Bit of plankton; 33- One working with a chair and a whip; 34- There's one named for Achilles; 38- Urgent NYPD call; 39- "The Matrix" hero; 43- Harry Potter and Tom Riddle, for two; 45- Sings with frequent breaks?; 46- Animated clown some claim is based on David Letterman; 47- Some MIT grads; 50- It has a point; 51- "Wordplay" director Patrick Creadon's documentary about debt; 52- Orgy outfits, stereotypically; 53- Blockbuster; 54- The M in MHz; 55- 1986 Nobelist Wiesel; 56- Mojito citrus; 57- "What am I, your ___?"; 58- Real, as talk;